Semester 2 Exam 3: ACTL1001

Oh man, this was a scary exam: Actuarial Studies. I already wasn’t doing that well in my first Actuarial Studies course, only 75% for both class tests; and the final was worth 70& of our course mark, now that is scary. To make things just that little bit harder, most of my studying got pushed back to about 2days prior to the exam. Remember, Accounting was only on Saturday, and ACTL was on Tuesday; that didn’t give me much time. Plus Maths was on Thursday, the two days leading up to the this exam were pretty big for me. I spent one of them solely on maths because I was just that unprepared for it. Just trying to balance out the study such that I’d get enough for maths.


The day was really hot though. The exam room was bad as well, no air conditioning =.=” We had fans but that isn’t enough. Practically anything that was in contact with anything else was sweating. This meant my thighs, my butt, and even my hand, which was holding the pen. I didn’t worry too much about the heat though, I had the test to worry about. 2 hours, 8 questions, 100 marks. I knew I wasn’t going to do any better than my class tests but most of it went well. I’m glad our lecturer agreed that he would be lenient in marking, the reason why there were 100 marks in total was that each little question was worth heaps. This was to ensure that even if you didn’t get the final answer, any working out you do beforehand could be awarded accordingly. That proved to be quite helpful throughout the class tests as well.


Oh well. I went well enough for this test; I always had maths in the back of mind as I did the exam; it just meant I had to really stay focused after Actuarial Studies which wasn’t going to happen haha! The journey back home was met with a lot of Cityrail fail. The express which was stopping every few minutes in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason threatened to make me late for the connecting train at Epping (heavy sigh at the new timetable still). But even when I did get there, turns out the train I wanted to catch was like 20 minutes late, twenty wth? The heat cause power problems to a number of Cityrail fail trains, one was stuck on the Harbour Bridge, one up in Hornsby (I think) and another “somewhere out west”, quoted from the train driver. They were smart to change one of the dodgy trains that terminate at Epping and make it continue up to Hornsby. That train driver I spoke about was the one apologizing to us on this train; he had a pretty “yeah everything is messed up” sort of tone, which was sort of funny.


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