Semester 2 Exam 2: ACCT1511

Round 2, right after round 1; no time to rest. I poorly spent the rest of yesterday; mostly gamed to get down the nerves and such, did a bit of reading. But hopefully having done most of 4 past papers that I was ready for today. Well I can’t complain. Today’s paper wasn’t too hard, it was long of course but not too hard. Luckily most of the questions that required short answers were mostly common sense and just some simple bs-ing.


Weekend trains weren’t too helpful. We were almost late to the exam, arrived with only a few minutes to spare. Examiners didn’t let me into the room with my blue drink bottle because it was not “clear”. Well I could easily that granny’s ugly face fine through it, as if it wasn’t transparent. And since we’re on that topic, I’ll buff this post with ramble from yesterday.


The examiners for Macroeconomics yesterday were rather appalling. The head examiner exhibited a suspected case of PMS; but at her age that almost seems impossible, right? She kept talking in a loud voice, and repeatedly, saying the same thing over and over again: “Examiners please hand out the exam papers now.” “Examiners please come down to the front and distribute the exam papers.” “Examiners, we have to start the exam in one minute please distribute the exam papers quickly.” “Examiners we need the papers distributed very quickly now.” Oh my gosh! Shut up! Talk about being rude to the examinees and her own colleagues, just what was this woman “on”?


Most definitely hate the hypocrite examiners who tell you to turn your mobile phones off but keep theirs on; and it’s obvious when their phone goes off with a loud retarded ringtone and they answer it inside the exam room during the exam. That pms woman was one of them. Tsk tsk. A general rule that power comes with responsibility, and obviously this woman has demonstrated a lack of skill and simple etiquette, far from respectable and deserving of her role haha.


But anyway luckily nothing disturbed the accounting exam as such. I was seated in A1, for once. Wow a corner seat; of all the odds. It wasn’t a great position because being in the corner means it’s harder for the light to shine onto my table. And then I had examiners towering over my desk because that’s their “at ease” position when they’re not patrolling the exam room, right in front of seat A1, smart.


I got fed up with the exam at 2 hours in, like last semester. I had finished it and checked it relatively thoroughly once and then left. I only checked my calculations and multiple choice. Any bits of short answer writing I didn’t bother going over. I would not know how to get rid of that answer and write a new one in the same place, without making a complete mess of my exam paper; best leave it as it is and hope for the best.


Some people left before, I didn’t count. I could’ve been the first if I hadn’t bothered checking haha! But I was about the 10th person or so to leave. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that there’s no more accounting for me, ever. I mean perhaps it is an okay subject. But the course this semester was taught in a disgusting way, with those pathetic lecturers; made every Wednesday afternoon a day to die for. And now we come down to the final 2 big exams: Actuarial Studies and Mathematics. Now the game is really on.


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