Semester 2 Exam 1: ECON1102

Ho ho! Here we go again! I almost didn’t see these exams coming. Somehow the entire semester has been rather hectic, I haven’t even had proper time to prepare for exams and such. And in a flash they came today. It was only two weeks ago where I said: “Hey exams are around the corner…meh…” and that “meh” sort of dragged into a two week procrastination and here we are T.T”


Today was day one of all UNSW exams; we kicked things off with Macroeconomics 1. It was the only course I’m doing at the moment that didn’t have past papers to practice on. All we had were online multiple choice quizzes, which proved to be quite helpful last year. There were a bore to do, but I got through them quite a fair number of times.


Waking up at 6am but a real drag, after not having done it for 2 weeks. And again facing Cityrail; why are there more people on trains now than before? Aren’t there meant to be more train services, it’s as if the number of passengers doubled in total. We were crammed into Randwick Racecourse again; I don’t like it as an exam venue but there’s not much we can do to make them change the rules.


The exam was two hours long: 20 multiple choice questions (20 marks), and choosing 3 of 4 short response questions (15 marks each); creating a combined total of 65 marks, which is worth 65% of our course mark. Damn that’s 1% per mark, real heavy stakes. Can’t complain about the exam, it wasn’t especially hard; it was what I expected from the lack of study I did. I felt like I stuffed it up like for Microeconomics last semester but that turned out fine. Maybe it will again this time?


Doesn’t matter, this course means nothing to me; it’s the Actuarial Studies and Mathematics courses that have any sentimental value to me. But tomorrow is Accounting, another 3 hour exam set at such an early time in the morning; don’t like at all.


Caught the train back with Victor to Epping and then with Sarah back to Pennant Hills after I realized she was on the same express. Nat was moping about her exam, as usual. And everything else obviously isn’t safe to talk yet with Accounting just around the corner. My exams end as of next Thursday, it will be a short exam period for me, one that allowed me to buy a travelpass; yes, innovation for once! But then again, there isn’t much time to study the other two subjects, apart from tomorrow’s exam.


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