October 2009 Anime

Hmm…it really is a bad time to be getting back into anime now, especially with semester exams just round the corner, sort of. Oh but it’s so hard to resist just watching them in my spare time, to procrastinate or to relax. There are so many good series to catch up with recently, for once, and I’ve suddenly found myself finding a way to actually use my 25GB of bandwidth a month now; combined with whatever I use at university tee hee.


Inuyasha Kanketsu-Hen


That’s right boys and girls Inuyasha is back! “Kanketsu-hen”, translated as “The Final Act” will bring to us a rumoured 26 episodes that will continue to fill us from where the 2003 anime left us, all the way to the end of the manga series, which ended one year ago. I for one was an extreme Inuyasha fan who was disappointed when the original anime series stopped abruptly and left the story to hang while the manga continued to run. But finally we get to see the rest of the story animated, although it will appear to be very condensed if the season is going to run for a mere 26 episodes.


The pilot episode was really condensed. *Spoilers warning* Condensed to the point where we actually have Hakudoshi dying already, now that is really condensed. Episode 1 wasted no time in re-introducing us to all our main characters, the Inuyasha group, the Sesshoumaru group, the Kouga group, the Kikyou group and the Hakudoshi group; all the characters were present at some point in the episode and a lot of fighting ensured their paths crossed. The violence is still top notch that rivals the gore in the very first episode of Inuyasha; take a look at this screenie:


Very slick. Not accustomed to seeing a giant dog’s head get decapitated and then continue flying around and attacking people, but okay.


I’m glad they’re still using the same voice actors as before, although now they’re 6 years older, wonder if they can handle it. Likewise, the animation seems to have improved to 2009 standards which is good; the Kongousouha technique is animated much better this time, compared to 6 years ago. We I have some high expectations of this anime now, since they decided to start it again; keep watching to see how hey condense the next 150 or so manga chapters into 25 episodes.




Yes Bleach I reckon is still running pretty well; although I am getting weary of these filler arcs, they just don’t seem to lead anywhere. But I suppose for once this filler arc is very interesting; finally something the fans would want to watch. In short, it’s become a fight between the Death Gods and their own swords, well the spirits inside their swords really, and finally there is a mismatch in power against the protagonists, for once.


This has brought about a whole new range of characters, each with their own personalities, and will obviously create enough material for a long filler series. So many new characters and so many new conflicts; this is a definite watch for those who have long given up Bleach in the past, it is worth picking up now. Plus the story starts to get really good when we come to the twist:


Which comes from episode 240 which aired this week. Byakuya alongside the bad guys? Oh yeah, keep them coming!


Other anime to keep an eye out for are “Fairy Tale” and “Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini”. I have not heard of either before, so that just means more catching up to do; and that’s already on top of the other older anime that I’m trying to catch up to T.T”


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