Andy’s B’day Dinner

Hey guys. Yeah I haven’t blogged in a while; surprised. Well you should be. I’ve been really busy since this semester started and so haven’t had time to blog. I don’t think I do either but due to popular request I’ll make a few posts since a lot of exciting things happened recently.


Let’s kick things off with Andy’s birthday dinner on Friday night. Let me tell you it was relatively troublesome organising this because Andy didn’t make an absolute decision on what to do, and none of us could agree on something to do. We narrowed it down to dinner but then a location and restaurant was more difficult. Eventually after much hit and miss, we concluded on a Japanese buffet, $28 at some place called Kansai; somewhere in the city.


We all met up at the restaurant at about 6:20-ish and all went in. The place seemed smaller and dankier than I had expected, although I had compared that with Shinara, where we had Nick’s party. We moved straight into our meal and scrambled through the menu to see what we could have, what seemed appetizing and what seemed worth the money. $28 again was a relatively high price to pay for a meal but hey, the meal was pretty good in the end, and certainly worth the money as you will all see soon enough.


I suppose one advantage a Jap buffet has over a Korean buffet is that Jap food comes cooked and edible, or raw and edible really. Whereas Korean buffet (normally BBQ) comes uncooked; and the hassle of having to wait while the food cooked was a bit of a hindrance to our eating capacity on that night. There was a variety of sushi, a strange variety at that fact, rolls, and other Japanese dishes like tofu, or sashimi salad, random stuff like that. All of it was sort of expensive but indeed were delicious.


Lots of people liked the exotic sushi – dragon, rainbow and volcano, each with different ingredients and sauces; they were fancy in a good way. My favourite was the octopus, which came in spicy and teriyaki flavours. The hand rolls were good, although most of it was composed of rice, which clearly isn’t worth as much as other ingredients. Memorably, Andy kept ordering the sashimi salad, which had a value of $13.50 I think, and it was a small dish; he stomached like three of them and was not full. Well already he had eaten his $28 fill, which means he made a gain on tonight’s buffet, and yet he was not full. He claimed that the sashimi salad wasn’t filling at all, but I guess we all wanted to try some other stuff.




One of our major ‘moves’ during the night was round about our 4th or 5th order. We were trying to get a good variety of dishes, calling on those volcano, rainbow and dragon sushi from before, the teriyaki salmon, Andy and his sashimi salad again, and finally some other strange sushi such as ‘Italian’, which is the second picture. The only problem was that the waiter misinterpreted what we said. Andy was like: “We want four pieces of _____ sushi, four pieces of ______ sushi…” We thought evidently that the waiter would’ve perceived it as four small pieces of cut up sushi. Instead he wrote all our orders down as ‘rolls’ rather than pieces. So instead of getting four types of sushi, 16 pieces, we got 16 rolls, which is 64 pieces of sushi. We figured something was wrong when a waiter came back and said: “Your order is too large to do in one go. We’ll give you have of it now and then the other half if you still want it.” We couldn’t remember how big that last order was but we did get a lot of sushi in one go. I think we did manage to cancel ‘the other half’ and thank God we did.


The rest of the night went a big bad because we had a lot of difficulty stomaching our insane order. Everyone was really full by the time we got down to the last 16 pieces or so; and everyone who ate from that point on was “taking one for the team”. But I guess most people shunned the Italian sushi because it was baked with cheese, which is already weird enough. I liked it though, I like cheese; I was just too full to finish it.


Anyway here is the last few moments of our dinner. The context is that we were down to the very last piece of Italian sushi; Kelvin helped us finish off, and then we started working out how much we ate in value; that’s just typical of our group haha, getting our value’s worth. Indeed it was a wonderful night to spend with friends again, got to see Andrew Peng for the first time in more than half a year; it was good to have most of the group together again.



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