RICE Working Bee / RICE Revolution

On Saturday was more RICE stuff, kind of at the worst time since I was extremely tired since MYC and yet I still had to wake up early to get all the way down to Redfern early. So I caught the train with Sarah; Rebecca was meant to be with us too but apparently Sarah said she was still asleep and won’t be able to catch our train. When we got off at Redfern we saw a bunch of Asian youth and then as we stepped out of the station, there were already RICE leaders pointing the way to Moore College. And then I suddenly remembered that RICE Revolution was on at the same place; I sort of overlooked that fact prior to today. So anyway we chatted to the youth that were with us already and we escorted them to Moore College.


When we got there, other leaders were there standing outside, not knowing what to do. And we all didn’t know what to do because they never told us where to meet. Meanwhile the kids were lined up outside registering to go inside, and us leaders were just standing outside waiting for everyone else to go inside. Karen found me again and then taunted me for a bit, whatever T.T” Addie said she was going to be there but then I don’t remembering seeing her. I also saw Priscilla’s bro there but missed that Ruse girl that I see at badminton on Saturdays.


Anyway us leaders finally went inside once the youth had gotten in; Brandon and the rest of the admin team were there, trying to sell the tickets and the hoodies, other merchandise, yeah…I wanted my hoodie on that day…geez; there were only meant for green leaders though, because there weren’t enough of them. But there were placed on a table for display and fitting. We followed the youth into the hall upstairs where the band was already playing intro music. We tried to take our places among them but there weren’t enough chairs which was a good thing. It means that RICE Revolution was packed out. We joined the youth for the introduction and some singing before moving off. Funny thing was that it was hard to tell them apart from fellow leaders, sort of, like at the beginning. I guess this applies more for the first year uni leaders who are what? Like at worst a few months older than some of the year 12 students.


But anyway we eventually moved off to get to work; we started off with a talk in one of the rooms, they seem so much shabbier than university halls haha; but that’s obviously because more College is much smaller. I got called out very soon to help with preparing the food for the high school youth, our tech meeting was to officially start at 12pm anyway, a different schedule of events to everyone else because we’re special haha!


I guess the youth might have been all too pleased with being given boiled sausages as lunch, with fairy bread as afternoon tea. But strange enough here we were, leaders being put to actual labour for RICE haha! I remember while making the fairy bread Jono Tam had trouble spreading the butter onto the bread; it was some huge 500g block or something, really large; so he popped it in the microwave and after he brought it back out it was still relatively solid but now there was a pool of butter in the middle of it haha!


Eventually we got through all the food preparation and we moved off to have our tech-only meeting. We have some huge job ahead which I am really looking forward to. First of we were allocated to some more major roles, such as being part of lighting and stuff. I volunteered for directing the stuff on the big screens for Rally and later found out that this year I’ll be learning from an expert, next year have the expert supervise me as I do it, and finally two years from now I’ll be the director of screens at RICE Rally without anyone watching me T.T” Now that is scary, also means I’ve been locked into doing tech for the next two years =.=”


Afterwards we were taught how to pack up cables properly; like the right way to coil them back up. Of course the main reasons we need to know this is so that we don’t damage the equipment and also it becomes easier to unpack the next time it is used. Once Revolution was having its break, we snuck into the hall as they were packing up some stuff and we all practised properly coiling up the microphone leads. It was fairly fun; the way to check if it was done right is to toss the lead out like throwing a lifesaver into the sea, and if the cord has a knot in it once you straighten it out, you’ve done something wrong, otherwise it’s all good xDD So we all practised by coiling up the microphone leads and then tossing them halfway across the room to see if we did it right. Eventually it turned into a contest of seeing what we could “fish” for; some youth came back inside and saw us coiling and chucking the cords, it was hilarious seeing their expression. And finally we started having races to see who could coil up a microphone lead the fastest.


We had lunch afterwards, just the leftover sausages from the Revolution lunch. The afternoon session was basically teaching us about using the camera; not so much the technical side of things but rather the technique, like aiming it and how to get good shots and all. We learnt basic photography basically. The technique was that we had to divide the frame up into 9 squares, and focusing on the lines, there should be four intersecting points, and basically good photography and filming requires that we fill those four points with something.


We spent the afternoon practising photography skills by taking pictures with our phone cameras; and the other groups looked at us a bit weirdly, wondering why we were taking pictures of them. Same would apply to the youth, as we wandered around their game and snapped random pictures haha; it was obvious we weren’t the designated photographer because the real one had a professional camera.


Tech ended early so we waited around for everyone else; some groups had their leaders missing so they mucked around by playing hacky sack; yes we are just that confident in organising RICE this year that we don’t even have to get to work even when we’re supposed to haha. All media can be found on my Facebook. And yeah that was the day, fairly fun for us in particular and fairly encouraging to see so many youth attend something as important as ministry within high school. We had a chat with one of them on the train back; fortunately found one from Livingstone so it was easier to relate to them haha.


RICE approaches very soon.


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