MYC Day Four – Thursday

Well on Wednesday night I had like 4 hours of sleep; you can already begin to see how my sleeping patterns are deteriorating haha. So anyway I felt really dead for Thursday morning, which was why I woke up at like 7:45am, closer to 8:00 am really. I was a tad groggy so I dragged my way down for breakfast; it’s Monday now and I really can’t remember what we had for breakfast on Thursday; probably the same as usual?


The seminar somehow went by; and the Bible study saw the disappearance of Nat, who was leaving MYC early to go to the snow. So now we had six people left in the group and funnily enough, for one section of the study for today there were six passages and wow, there are six of us; I’m not saying Nat was redundant but yeah, Bible study was really funny with her around, that’s all haha!


In the afternoon me and Brandon decided to get some sleep for tonight; and even if not for tonight, we still needed to catch up on sleep because of the previous three nights. And just to show how exhausted we were, our roommates came in occasionally but I slept through without waking up. Actually I could hear them but I just couldn’t move or respond, like that.


Instead of electives again this afternoon we were briefed on our “mission” for this semester at university. For everyone else who didn’t go to camp, think “mission” in terms of “missionary”. Yeah so we had mission hoodies as well; which is what most of you guys will see me wearing on most occasions. Our mission for this semester is “Think”; which is just getting people in university to think about hard questions in life, or about Christianity, and then we the Christian community will try our best to answer them. Apart from that we are also running like random seminars every week to address important topics.


I can’t say I’m especially into this mission for this semester; this is the first time I’ve been introduced to something of this sort so yeah. But other than that, I have my own ministry to consider so I’m not sure how much time I can actually invest into this mission. I’ll see.


The night session came and was our last super long talk which finally hit the core of the message of this camp, which was to “carry our cross”. And so everyone got especially encouraged by tonight’s talk, on how they can better serve Christ in their lives. I for one am not sure how much more I can serve God, I am involved in a lot of things at the moment and unless I can find some time to spare, I’m not sure how many more “projects” I can pick up.


After the night session there was some mingling and I went off to shower to prepare for tonight’s shenanigans. When I came back, I joined Brandon, Charlie and Matthew for a D&M session. It’s good to see my fellow brothers to be moved by the talk; and so we chatted into the night for an hour or so about how things are going on in our lives. It’s funny, because despite knowing each other throughout high school, this was the first time where we actually talked on personal issues which perhaps we’d never feel comfortable to share but it indeed is an encouragement to see that we can be accountable for one another.


Our D&M session lasted a long time, with people calling to ask where we were, and others wanting my Mahjong set haha! But yeah after a heaps long discussion, with everyone giving their own things to share, we finally prayed; each person gave a nice long 3+ minute prayer for the group, and between the four of us that is perhaps the longest time we’ve actually spent praying together haha! I won’t forget that moment for a while.


Now onto our night session. Initially rooms were getting taken so we were lucky to find a spare room where everyone was just there playing and stuff. But eventually we had to move because people were sleeping next door and some people were being loud. We moved over down to the other conference rooms but then realised that Carl, our speaker, was next door; nevertheless we stayed and played Mafia, others played Taboo and still others were playing cards. Eventually we broke into a game of Mahjong haha and at about 2am or so, someone finally came in to ask us to leave due to the level of noise haha, fair enough.


I thought everyone was going to stay up all night so our next plan of action was going to be the prayer tower. But it was 2am at night and it had just rained so the ground was all wet, and it was cold; most people didn’t bother making the journey up there, or rather we never told everyone that we were heading up there. Yet eventually we went as a group of ten people up to the prayer tower, where there was practically nobody, so we made camp there and started Mahjong again; yeah it was just the Mahjong people from then on. A few people: Brandon, Ben, Paul, etc left at about 4am, or was it 3? And the rest of us stayed.


Man those 4 hours up in the prayer tower we’re funny. We were all so very tired already and while playing Mahjong we all broke into Canto slurs, just yelling at each other and stuff; a couple of times it came down to insults, which of course sound rather bad in Canto but yeah once the person realised what they said they’d take it back. It was funny, uttering funny statements like: “What did you play?” “We’re playing Mahjong, idiot!” Say that in Canto and it’ll sound right; stuff like that.


We played all the way to 6am, and yes that is why I had no sleep at all for Thursday night haha! It was all according to plan. Shame not everyone came up to muck around, but still it was a rather fun night; I had heaps of fun playing with new people, getting to know them better. And of course getting better at Mahjong; finally catching up in relative skill level, yes!


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