MYC Day Five – Friday

Well I guess my Friday officially started at 6am as we were leaving the prayer tower. The sun was far from up still and it was still fairly dark. On the way down we saw two figures standing there on the way; I got a bit freaked out, until I saw it was just two other MYC people. They had come out early to see the sun rise. We were intent on seeing a pillow back in our room. Most people did, trying to get that extra one hour of sleep, over no sleep. But I didn’t. When I got back, Paul was snug on my bed, there was not much I could do. So I grabbed my laptop, went out to find a spot and began blogging if you remember from Wednesday.


I was pretty dead then. I went inside from the cold to blog; but then people came in at about 7am to attend the morning prayer thing, which I normally would go to despite the late nights. Anyway breakfast came and I was already there; I ate and then went back to remove Paul’s stuff from my bed and then proceeded to pack up. Oh yeah, our room was a complete mess; I think we could have been more space efficient somehow if everyone just tried, but nobody did and there wasn’t much of the floor left.


We were only going to have half a day today so instead of a seminar we immediately moved into our Bible study groups; and for the first time I blacked out haha. I was sooo tired, and I opted not to have coffee since I already had two cups of it on Thursday. So I blacked out like sort of halfway through it. I just laid my head to the side, and somehow closed my eyes and then the next second I had lost consciousness; I woke up very groggily by my other Bible study members and a line of drool was running from my mouth T.T” I hate waking up like that, and yeah I had no idea what was going on; only that everyone in my group was staring at me. That was rather embarrassing.


Afterwards we had our seminar and again I felt like blacking out again T.T” but I somehow held on; I didn’t do any work in it though, I tried though. Ronnie blacked out when we prayed at the end haha, so at least it wasn’t just me. But later for the talk I was a bit more awake and so I was able to take notes; not too much but I guess a fair amount considering my alertness. The last talk didn’t have as much impact as last night’s talk but that’s fair since it was much shorter.


We had lunch right afterwards and during that time the Engineers put on a show for us. The video is on Facebook, go find it; I might embed it here if I can be bothered to. After lunch we had to rush off to catch the bus back to Richmond station, where we all bought tickets and caught the train home. But as a last sign of fellowship, we all played Mafia on the train which was heaps of fun, despite the lack of space but yeah we enjoyed the last moments of fun before we all went our separate ways.


And that was MYC, I will probably post an overview and a reflection post after this but yeah so many things are still on for me, including uni of course so we’ll see.


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