MYC Day Two – Tuesday

Well Tuesday came relatively quickly, considering I only had like six hours to sleep. Breakfast was at 7:30am but others wanted to wake up even earlier for say exercise or morning prayer. I was simply too tired to do any early morning activities; I only barely managed to wake up for breakfast. But as usual I had my morning shower; only at camps, and fair enough because it was really cold in the mornings; it’s just complete hell having to wake up early on a Winter’s morning.


Oh and the night didn’t go so well because of snorers; I can’t believe it! Again I face having snorers in the room. It’s not very pleasant and I don’t know, the only way I can actually fall asleep in the presence of snorers is if I’m absolutely exhausted and on my last run; but that in itself is bad. So either way it was a sort of bad night. Breakfast was as expected, cereal, watered down egg, toast, and sausages.


Our proper camp schedule was now in effect, our seminars took place right after breakfast so we moved off into our conference room; got to meet up with a few more people, most of whom weren’t in first year which means there’ll be a lesser chance that I’ll see them again at uni. Our seminars pushed us quite hard with more exercises on examining the Biblical theology of the cross and its significance. I guess we learnt more, only today was a bit harder because I was a bit more tired than yesterday and once again it is just hard having to sit down for like 2 hours and do something. We did have a break in between but it’d just be a game that lasted two minutes which didn’t really help haha.


After seminar we had morning tea, which was the time when I’d pull out a cup of coffee; need something to keep me awake for the day. Afterwards came our Bible study again; and again it was another two hours and that really does take a toll on my concentration. You could also begin to see the effects of lack of sleep on other people, namely Nat. I’m not sure if we made any more progress in our Bible study, it’s a bit harder when we all have different opinions on certain parts of 1 Corinthians and we don’t have a leader to give us direction. It’s definitely hard. But at least we tried and we did pretty well in making sense of the meaning of the passage and then being able to divide the passage into certain sections.


Lunch was…like weird salad and something. Sorry it’s Thursday now and yes although I said I’d try and blog on each night…things have…come up which kept me from being to type things up. Plus my ever-growing weariness is keeping me from remembering the exact details of say, meals. But I will say at this point that the food was exceptionally better than at next gen, heaps better. I’m not sure if it still bad food in general (according to the people of Ancon) but for me, it was surely better than what we had at next gen and that is good enough.


Today was our first major free time; two hours of break to do whatever we wanted. Guess what we did? Obviously Mahjong! We played the entire two hours in another conference room. Like yeah they had other organised activities such as basketball and soccer; and then there was card games and board games; but I somehow managed to privately add Mahjong to the list haha. I attracted quite a number of people; but in the end it is a four player game so everyone else went off to play poker haha! Wow a lot of people are relatively good at Mahjong; makes me feel like a noob in general. I was doing well myself but not as good as the day Sharon had super bad luck haha!


Once free time was over we had our first elective session; just a number of seminars which were set up on different topics. They had quite a large variety like the Holy Spirit, One-to-One Ministry, How to be more “Spirit-filled”, stuff like that. The one I went to today was on apologetics. Well surely you all know I’m obsessed with apologetics; so naturally I took this elective. I learned quite bit that afternoon; I guess I have to build my understanding of apologetics off people rather than books, for starters. he stuff that the guy taught us was along the lines of how to steer a conversation through various techniques. I can’t exactly agree on ethics in using those techniques as apologetics (won’t reveal them here) but I guess it does have the same net result, and I suppose more “fair” to the other person in a way.


Dinner came again. Mmm, spaghetti! It tasted pretty good, although there was no cheese; I immediately rushed for seconds. Oh yeah, one thing I will profess now was just how daunting the queue looked for dinner. With more than 500 people at camp you can imagine just how long a line would stretch if you lined everyone up. So yeah the queue snaked its way along the edges of the auditorium, which is connected to the dining hall. It wasn’t too long a wait because there were three serving stations so everyone just split off once they reached the head of the line.


The night session came again and we had more interviews with other people in the Christian network, a few announcements and regular singing as usual. Carl gave his talk as like the previous night and we all took notes just the same. I wonder whether I’m getting much out of the talks. I mean I was barely getting a page and a half of notes for any talk throughout the week; and the talk was like 2 hours long, man that is pretty hectic once again, having like two hour talks. But with such little notes I wonder if they were effective for me. A bit more of that once we get to a summary of the camp.


Late at night we all decided to move location for games and we went to a conference room elsewhere to play Mahjong. Surprisingly enough lots of other people were gathered there too playing various games, mostly card games. We had Taboo as well, and that weird Bean game (sigh). Yeah. So we set up Mahjong and attracted a small crowd as usual. It was also good that we managed to convince non-players to come, watch and learn. They seemed relatively interested in the game, and so we helpfully taught them the basic rules and tactics.


I’ll have to say again that my experience increased once again and although I might have fed a few people; I still think I can play better now. We played all the way to about 1am in which people started leaving and we had run out of players, so we retired for the night. I got about 5 hours sleep that night; 4 even.


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