MYC Day Three – Wednesday

Okay we’re nearly halfway through camp. It is currently 6am on Friday. Why am I up so early and why of all things am I blogging? Well you’ll find out when I get to Friday’s post.


I was a bit dead since Tuesday night but I managed to wake up by 7:30am in order to go down for breakfast. Once again I had my hot shower in a certain cubicle, having noticed that certain cubicles were more comfortable to shower in than others. Breakfast this time was watered down eggs (as always), and bacon, plus all the usual. I had double servings again because I was hungry from last night’s Mahjong. Had my cup of green tea and I was pretty much good for the day.


We went of to our seminar again and did our Bible studies just the same as yesterday. I can’t remember any specifics for the seminar and Bible study that especially stood out, I don’t know. They all seemed relatively the same each day. But this time I found myself becoming more and more weary, trying to stay awake for even the seminar; I was fairly groggy by the time we came to the Bible study. The lack of sleep was getting to Nat again, who acted in that weird way of hers haha. It’s just funny to laugh at really, moderately funny.


Lunch came all the same, I forgot what we ate but I think I was satisfied. Oh yeah, we had umm…chili chicken tenders in wraps, with a bunch of vegetables, yeah. It wasn’t the best lunch oh well, that didn’t matter. After lunch we thought that perhaps we should try and catch up on sleep in our free time; which was when I decided to continue on my first post; but then Ben called up and said that people were waiting for me and the Mahjong set; so I was summoned to Mahjong, even though I did sort of want to rest and once again spent the afternoon playing more Mahjong. And again more people came to watch and more people became genuinely interested in learning at how the game works haha!


Our second elective seminar came after that. There were many other choices I had wanted to opt for today but one that struck out in particular was homosexuality. I did this because I can remember the wayit sort of tripped me up back when I first served Christ at high school, and later at my compete failed blog article on the subject; you can find it on my windows live space still if you search for it. But since then I’ve been hoping that I can rewrite the article and give a more simpler answer that won’t attract as much controversy. I might get on that soon but not at the present moment. I was informed about how some people received the Christian articles I post here and they weren’t really positive responses. But fair enough I suppose I need to change my methods of doing this; I do intend to keep at it and also to become good at it haha! One of the ways I want to serve Christ.


But anyway I really liked the seminar, it was really informative. In fact the speaker also gave us his life story, about how he was gay at a time and how his life was completely upside down. I know you hear about a broken life and just go: “Oh yeah I’ve heard it all before. Same old, same old…” It was sort of the same in this case too only you really could see what was happening, making the story and his life unique and not just another regular story. I liked this seminar more than the apologetics one from yesterday. I learned heaps and hopefully I will be able to fix up my views on it since the last time.


So anyway dinner came just the same and the night session happened just the same; I don’t think there is much I can blog about those things. But of course the special thing we want to hear about after the night session; what mischief did we get up to this time?


No more Mahjong on Wednesday night. Instead our newfound group decided to go up toe the prayer tower, to at least take a look at it and hopefully while it was not crowded. When we got there it was practically empty and so we mucked around up there for a while and then decided to play Mafia. So we were all up there along playing Mafia with like nearly 20 people, it was a massive game and was heaps of fun. Matthew and Brandon again make a fairly annoying pair because they can somehow team up and play the game together. But yet you would realize that neither of them were mafias yet there were just obviously the loudest.


We had the rules of mafia expanded a bit and sort of rebalanced to our liking. Most of my memories for that night are sort of blurry; but I do remember that some people were a bit obvious in hiding their identity, whereas others were sort of sly; I guess I’ve lost my touch in bluffing and also in my ability to judge people. In fact for one particular game; I barely won the game as an assassin because I didn’t realize that the oddly passively hyperactive girl sitting next to me, Nat, was lying to me; she did it well I admit but luckily my paranoia got the better at me and I managed to solve the case at the end just before we lost. I accidentally guessed wrong on two consecutive accounts and yeah the finger of blame was pointed at me.


People eventually came up to tell us off because some other campers from another organisation were with us in the prayer tower and our game was clearly disrupting them, because we were too loud; and why not? You’d obviously expect us to in a game like Mafia. We stayed up at the prayer tower till 2am playing Mafia, since 11pm I think, or even earlier; so yeah that was a really long time but some people gradually retired as the night progressed. The walk back from the prayer tower was long and especially cold; yeah you try walking through the chilly rainy night at 2am in the night, not the best thing to do haha! But yeah that was Wednesday night and it was really good, really fun and I guess heaps of fellowship; even if it did come down to slight dissing and “oh my gosh I can’t believe you were the mafia…” or “geez why did YOU kill me?” But nevertheless we slept late once again.


Funny that because when we went back to our room, the rest of my roommates weren’t asleep. As we approached the room we tried to open the door but it was locked and the lights were on; we banged on the door to tell the occupants to open up but they turned off the lights, kept the door locked and stayed silent. I admit I was a bit worried because I did think it was a random group of people in our room, although the logic doesn’t quite make sense. But eventually we r=found out it was our roommates and they were just toying with us.


After we got in, still some of us decided to go have our night shower at like 2am at night haha! The showers were empty by this time obviously so we had them all to ourselves. After showering we went back into the room and somehow we moved onto a conversation and we stumbled across certain churches in Sydney and how they ran youth group events and camps; things like those. I was glad for the night because it was became a really productive conversation where Paul shared with us the problems he faces at his church. And we all listened to him as our brother and about about a half hour worth of discussion, we closed the night off with prayer and for once we really were acting close as brothers in Christ and had a relative good D&M conversation going. We retied into the night at about 3am; quite a productive day, I was sort of more happy for our conversation at 2am because we finally managed to get that good feeling of fellowship and all.


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