MYC Day One – Monday

Hey guys, relatively tired at the moment but because I was smart (or foolish) enough to bring my laptop to camp; who knows I think it might come in handy. Anyway there is no Internet at Merroo so I’ll type it up and then I’ll post it when I come back; still I’d have a pretty big job blogging all this up if I start when I get back so I’ll opt to type everything up now, but then also forego my sleep; oh well.


Well we were meant to travel to MYC this morning by car from Marilyn but then she forgot  about us and already was taking two of her law friends; that left two spots left for three people. Clearly Nat and Jess were not going to separate so I opted to catch the train with Matthew and some of his med friends. I had to wake up relatively early to catch the train, again at like regular uni time which was really annoying. And especially when it’s still winter, waking up early is such a pain when it’s cold.


Anyway I still managed to get to the train on time, first time I actually had to lug so much stuff onto the platform and then onto the train, etc. Found Matthew at Epping and then we caught the train to Strathfield and then changed trains all the way to Richmond. It was quite a long ride, but then we met a bunch of other uni people who had practically filled out like a carriage, which was funny. All our stuff was all over the floor and randoms that walked past were like: “What the?” There were two people who were sitting close to us and they got scared off eventually haha!


After about an hour or so we made it to Richmond and found that there were a few more uni people on the same train as us. Actually I don’t think there were many on the trains in total, probably because everyone else could afford to drive there which sucks. We waited a bit then caught the bus to the campsite. It looks pretty nice although small. It could easily accommodate us and fair  enough the USYD MYC was last week at the same place.


My only fear at this camp so far was the fact that people at the USYD camp were getting sick for some reason. I was wondering if the “virus” there would like linger as an aura here and then we’ll catch it and get sick. Well we’ll see how this goes as the days come. Anyway we went inside the main hall and registered. There were two people standing clearly at the front who were loudly chanting “Engineering” and pointing to the Engineering registration table haha!


I managed to meet up with nearly everyone else that I knew; met a few more randoms on the way in which was nice. After registration we had a bit more spare time and we got officially started.


This of course is my first major university camp; definitely a different aura to say next gen because I’ll continue to see these people back at uni maybe. But apart from that I sort of have some expectations of this camp. Well the leaders that promoted this camp made it sound especially good. I somewhat do hope it can break my record for the best 5 days at my life; if you don’t know what it is still now then you need to read my blog a bit more. I also do expect to be challenged by the things they are to teach. But of course others have told me that MYC is relatively intensive and that we need sleep. Even perhaps blogging this might be a bit mistake haha! We’ll see. I also do wonder if I’ll make friends here; a natural fear of course, can you blame me?


Anyway as we started we played a few games. The first was like a best of 3 challenge involving three mini games. It’s one of those 1v1 games and then the losers must support the person who conquers them. The first one was balance on one foot and on tippy toes. The second one was seeing who could “roar” the longest, but clearly the quieter you roar, the longer your breath lasts; so at the end the finalists sounded very weak in their roaring haha. The third was a staring contest. That game was okay, a nice twist.


The second game we played was forming groups of people by placing a money value on guys and girls and then forming a sum of money. That was nice and fun. At a time it was girls worth $0.95 and guys $0.05 and the challenge was to form groups of $3.00. At first the easiest option was three guys and three girls but then someone was daring enough to try 60 guys. We had enough people but everyone was pairing up too fast so I don’t think it worked out.


Highlight of this segment was splitting into our faculties and then trying to make up a chant for our faculty. It was quite funny to see what other groups came up with. Here’s a video of it all, I sort of forgot what each group did.


Okay skip a bit and then we come to our first seminar. We split off into faculties and then moved into separate conference rooms. Funny how once everyone has split up that there isn’t many people in each faculty, only that there are a fair few number of faculties. I still haven’t counted the number of people in Commerce but yeah I think the numbers go up to say 60.


Our seminars were basically like long group discussion and investigation on our topic this year: The Cross. It’s quite rigorous work, all these Bible passages to look up and extract information. There was a sheer amount of work to cover in the one and a half hours but I think the hard thing is in fact the thing that we have to sit down and work for one and a half hours straight; very tiresome. After our seminar we had a short afternoon break and then we broke off into Bible study groups; within our own faculty again.

I got put into a group with Nat, Brandon, Ben, Sarah, Shara and Tim; the last two I didn’t know. We were to stay in these groups for the rest of the week as we looked through 1 Corinthians 1-4. As I was informed beforehand about how Bible study runs, I was a bit stunned that we had no Bible study leader and that we had to analyse the passage in manuscript form; void of paragraphs, headings,  verse numbers; it was just plain text. We didn’t even know when one chapter ended and another started. Well of course if I had read the passage more I would’ve memorised it for this camp, but oh well.


It was quite hard trying to make sense of the main themes and all, trying to sort the text into sections and all; things are so much easier in the Bible, I never knew that presentation can influence how we read a text; funny that. I think we struggled a bit through the study; being the first one in such a format. I think we went pretty well but then without any sort of assurance that we had the right readings, or whether we got all of it, kind of slowed down our progress.


I don’t feel like we made much progress in the first study; and surely we have to finish everything by the end of the week haha! Afterwards cam dinner; and here is where I’ll move onto food. The food wasn’t too bad; we had beef slices with vegetables and potato and gravy; the gravy was really nice. I enjoyed it. Dessert was a weird apple crumble but it was made really badly as it was like full watery and hence made the whole thing soggy; it tasted alright except for the watery part. Dinner for one wasn’t too bad, in comparison to next gen food haha. Well yeah the food there was really bad and I think here at Merroo we were blessed a bit more.


We had our night session then. Oh man I swear it as the longest thing I’ve ever sat through; imagine having to sit down from 7:15pm all the way to like 10:00pm, that’s nearly 3 hours! Man I just can’t do that T.T” We had some singing first. The music team was interesting, they were incorporating like classical instruments; ie string and wind I think; worship had a more emotional touch to it which was okay; but somehow it’ didn’t really move me haha!


I didn’t like worship as much; I still feel that next gen had a better music team; I don’t know, perhaps song structure or I just didn’t like the instruments. Afterwards there was a bunch of interviews with people who were involved in different ministries. It was good to hear their stories; it really does open up what you can do to serve God like in university and also after it. Not especially a huge encouragement for me in particular; I’m involved in my own ministries at the moment, guess I don’t really have the time and effort to check up on how other people are doing at the moment.


Later we finally started the talk, yeah we had like an hour and a bit of like singing and then interviews, and various other announcements. Oh before I get to the talk, they had a cute performance on the first night; they did a parody of “Breaking Free”, shot a video and all; and as a fan, I know they merely used the instrumental track and then had people sing over it. Thumbs down to the male singer, who obviously didn’t have the voice for it haha. Thumbs up for the funny lyrics although they at times purposely picked themes where they could just use the lines from the original song; it was nice and funny and overall a cool performance, I would’ve liked to video it but then I was too swept up in it haha!


The talk was really long. Our speaker for the camp was our regular CBS speaker, Carl Matthei, whom we didn’t get to hear from back at next gen. His talks are always interesting; however on the first night I didn’t quite understand the structure of his talk. I don’t know, maybe it was because I’m tired or it was a long talk; it just felt like he was blurting random points about Jesus and the Cross. Well an hour and so is a long time for a talk, and I guess it is hard to concentrate when it’s night time.


Carl’s talk ended, we had more announcements and then went off to sleep, or…




Yes I couldn’t resist, and I brought my set to MYC. A lot of people heard about it and relatively quickly news spread about it and somehow there seemed to be something organised in our cabin. But before I get to the first night, yeah let’s talk about cabins and toilets. The cabins were as normal as they normally are. It is really cold up here and we are grateful to have even those dodgy heaters in our room; think back to the hot iron inside old toasters, those type of heaters.


As for toilets it was communal showers again T.T” I was hoping that we’d get like en suites or something but I guess not huh? Still the showers were pretty good in that for once there was hot water. Back at next gen there was barely any hot water T.T” luckily it was summer then; I would’ve died of the cold here if I had those semi-warm showers here. There was little space for showering and the showerheads were a bit annoying in terms of angle and the spray that they produce. In fact one of the showers, the one I used the first night was the most retarded; it wasn’t event a spray, but a huge hole and a thick stream of water; think of a large hose; so weird haha. But still it was good to be able to have a hot shower.


Now back to Mahjong. My room instantly became a party room the first night; Matt came over and a few other people from next door and others who had heard about our commotion; everyone just gathered in our room and we set up and played Mahjong; Aaron came over later with his guitar and added music to our game. I also seemed to have forgotten that there were other people in our room that had wanted to sleep; whoops. Yeah we ended at like 12am though, that wasn’t too late so yeah.


So that’s the first day of camp, very long and tiring. My major concern was that I’d end up becoming way too tired to continue for the rest of the week; let’s face it, if you continue to deprive yourself of sleep, you begin to lose performance. But anyway I’ll make edits to these posts like afterwards,once I’ve got my main ideas in place.


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