Return to Soul Purpose I

On Friday we were asked to return to Soul Purpose, to see how things were going and to see how each of us ex-leaders were doing. Well I’m impressed, the congregation grew to like 100; not sure if it was because it was the last day of term, and that attracts more people; I’m doing statistics on this anymore, I’m retired from that haha!


Well they didn’t seem to be running things any different from the way we did it, still some funny games; today’s one was feeding a person donuts hung on a string. A bit different from Matthew’s games where injury was more than 50% likely to occur haha! Kenny gave a talk about time; yeah the quality of talks at Soul Purpose has obviously increased ever since Kenny took over from the last speaker, ie, me. I haven’t given a talk in ages; but I suppose if you made me do a lecture on the Christian Living posts on this blog then yeah maybe I can get somewhere.


The music team was really good, later they told us they didn’t practice much so yeah pretty proud of how that turned out. So many new faces I didn’t know, the leaders in particular. They were the year 10s from last year; the only grade which didn’t have any attendees last year; we like had this weird grade gap back then and good thing they’ve managed to fill it in this year. I would of course question the quality of the leaders but I guess enthusiasm should be first priority when numbers are an issue. The crowd was rather well behaved which is good; and so many people came, yeah I said that already.


I saw Rebecca again today she just waved at me, I didn’t really have anything in particular to say to her as she ushered us ex-leaders to come inside. I also saw that weird Karen girl; I couldn’t remember her name until I saw her again after school; and clearly she didn’t remember mine, calling me the “Kenny-look-a-like” or "the “RICE-guy” as suggested by my RICE T-shirt. Whatever; it was good to see her again too and just as enthusiastic about RICE and Soul Purpose as last year. There were some people I didn’t get to see, like Carina and Stella; I saw that one kid I sort of befriended at the end of last year, this guy that goes to Hillsong; I forgot his name but I could tell he had a sense of enthusiasm as well.


After Soul Purpose we all met behind the TLC to have a leaders’ reunion. We met people from the previous year, down to graduation year 2005; consisting of Anna, Livingstone, RICE secretary; I honestly never knew she went to Baulko, I only met her at Livingstone like a few odd years back; I could never remember her as a leader back when we were…year 9? Yeah; oh well. But yes we all met and chatted, shared how we were all going; and because there were so many of us, we ended the afternoon with prayer and then photos. Ms Corfield wasn’t there because she was attending a funeral.


But yeah that was our reunion, it was short-lived but perhaps we’ll see more of Soul Purpose in the future; I’ve finally let go of it, I don’t feel any need to go back and help as a guest leader or something, not much point. I have bigger fish to fry in a sense haha! But it was good to see how each of us have impacted Soul Purpose in a way to build it up to what it is today; I’m proud to have been a part of God’s plan for the Christians at our high school!


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