MLM Socials

This week also provided us with social events by out young adults’ group MLM. On Tuesday night we had hot pot, a rather messy but enjoyable event where instead of cooking our own food, our leaders Ken and Yvonne did most of the cooking while we ate; I guess that wasn’t how it was meant to be but oh well, it was still good. Len bought all the food, but we had so much left over, we could’ve done without half the food; save half the price on the budget. We also had a few more people come than usual; ie, the first-year uni girls, who for some reason rarely show up.


At first we helped with setting up, that was a different part of the night altogether. And as Sharon has kindly blogged up, there was some misunderstanding of how vegetables are to be washed. You can read her blog for a summary of what I actually did; but I will say that the way I washed the vegetables was not the “right” way, and a more hygienic solution could’ve been obtained. I guess I was too tired from everything over the weekend to think about how to wash a ton of vegetables given only one sink. I’m not really the people in the household that washes vegetables, I’m mostly the cook rather than the person who prepares the ingredients haha. But oh well.





Oh and the highlight of the night was this thing I randomly brought up. We had eggs as well but nobody used theirs so I fiddled around with mine. And then I remembered something I saw on ABC when I was really little. It was saying that if you held a raw egg (I think raw) between your fingers (only) along its longest “diagonal” and you try to squish it, the egg will not break. I made several attempts to prove it wrong but maybe because I was tired and too weak to come close to breaking it anyway. Ken tested my hypothesis but then he didn’t really fulfil the requirements correctly so his experiment was a fail; and at the hint you should’ve guessed that the egg actually broke when he squeezed it, and everyone knows what would happen after that yeah? Take a look:




And then on Thursday night we went out again where Ken had a lot of free tickets to see Transformers 2. His generosity is much appreciated, especially with the Hot Pot so close. Ken drove me, Mandy and Jacky, and I forgot how everyone got there; all I remember was that Nat drove Jess and they both turned out super late; wonder why? o.0”


Anyway the movie was really good. For a three-hour film I’m surprised that it was action-packed and entertaining the entire time, unlike crappy Pirates 3. There were quite a lot of jokes in the middle which were hilarious, a lot of characters acting funny or getting into funny fights, all coupled with some minor course language; perhaps that was the key to making some of the jokes funny haha.


But all in all it was a great movie, and I don’t really want to review it but yes go watch it. But disappointed that the movie ended with Optimus Prime standing next to Sam on a plateau uttering the same “I am Optimus Prime…” stuff like in the first movie, same ending frames before credits? Umm, no?


Afterwards we had dinner; the 6:30pm movie ended three hours later and by that time all the fast food stalls were closed, the only thing left was KFC and McDonalds; dam! Well we had McDonald’s where Nat and Yvonne? tried to drink Ken’s chocolate sundae with straws, rather than use spoons; I’ll upload that vid soon.


And yeah the night ended like that; I’m really tired after all of this and yet there was more on Friday (today), but I’ll blog that up tomorrow, too tired now from all of this stuff this week, maybe that’s why I’m sick, from all of these activities.


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