Eric’s Belated Birthday Party

Well just like our gRACE last week, we managed to organise a party for Eric within a week as well; funny how there was so much success from trying to get things sorted out within the span of a few days. Our event coordinator team, me and Kelvin, usually, managed to get the job done relatively quickly but of course our magic is in being able to compensate for last minute things.


We had trouble finding a location for the party; we couldn’t use Eric’s house so we tried Chris, who said no. And our last hope was really Charlie, who at first said no but eventually managed to find a way to fit Eric’s party into this schedule. And then after mass mailing and phone calling, we had a pretty good turn up, nearly everyone came; albeit two people, one who was having “marital issues” and the other who was too embarrassed by his puffer fish face.


We all met up rather early at Parramatta and at the last minute decided to get Eric a present; it wasn’t something me and Kelvin were trying to figure out beforehand but it didn’t take long to figure out what to get him: Sims 3 haha! One thing we forgot at this point was the amount of money we all had combined; we wanted to get a cake too, and also buy lunch. I guess we just had faith that everyone would’ve just brought enough money for al of this; I mean we’re old now so naturally we should be able to pool together a fair amount of money.


I brought my Mahjong set to Charlie’s house where we played for a while; man I actually dragged that thing such a far distance, it was really heavy, especially when I also had to walk around Parramatta Westfield dragging it along, Charlie didn’t want us to go to his apartment just yet as we looked for Eric’s present. Joseph was a bit gobsmacked again because he failed to heed our instructions; it’s not our fault if we try so hard to deliver updates and he just simply hears wrong. I phoned him up this morning to tell him to bring his PS2 console and Gamecube controllers; I knew he wouldn’t have read the e-mails from the night before. Of course I accidentally woke him up to tell him this but when he finally came, he actually brought his Gamecube console and PS2 controllers. *Sigh*


We played Smash Melee for a bit while everyone else was into Poker. I was glad not to be part of the brawl; I mean what do you make of something like this:



Yeah Sharon if you’re reading this, I need you for Mahjong for this very reason: Matthew won’t act like this and turn my house inside out as long as a girl is nearby haha! Frankly last time he was behaving rather well. There were many more times when Matthew acted in those weird “horny” way of his, such as ass spanking Kelvin, or hip thrusting the chair or whatever haha! Med people T.T”


Oh and in the background it was Tim and Kelvin having verbal wars, just ignore that. We went off for lunch afterwards and came back to have cake. Well I think the cake is my bad because of bad funding or whatever. Our budget was $20 for the cake, which is relatively hard you have to admit. The cheapest decent-sized cake was $20.90, and the choice was between a cheesecake or a small mudcake. So much chocolate! But then if everyone was willing to chip in $1 more, we’d have like $30 and then we could get a larger cake. But Kelvin decided that it’d be better not to have other people pay up and set the limit there. Maybe I should’ve gone with the chocolate mudcake because the cheesecake tasted rather…yeah, not used to it. Lots of people didn’t want their slice which was really funny, and Jono ended up eating like a quarter of the cake. I slammed down my slice but felt a bit queesy afterwards; yeah cheesecake was a bad idea, my bad haha!


We gamed a bit more afterwards until about 4:30pm where we all left, and that was our party for Eric, fairly successful, considering how much we actually achieved in the last minute, oh yeah!





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