Semester Break Weekend 1

It seems that my weekends are going to be rather busy since semester has ended; something has been planned for every single weekend, nearly. In fact things have been so hectic that I’m literally sick now, and tired from it all haha. So it has only taken this long to blog all of this up.


Saturday – RICE Leaders’ Day Out


Finally after three key coordinator meetings we have a proper meeting with every single leader in the RICE team. The team is really big this year and fairly strong, each church contributing a number of helping hands as leaders. And shamefully out church was like the only one who could afford only one other person other than me, but she wasn’t able to come and so on that day I was the only person from my church. Luckily I knew a few other leaders that were there, the “blue” team: Brandon, Sarah Ben, Karen (from my next gen strand group o.0”), Ernest (from Chinese school and next gen), and yeah.


It was good to at least have someone else to sort of sit with, everyone was so into their own church groups, made me feel a bit lonely being the only one from my church to be there. Throughout the day they ran through the things they’ve told us at the key meetings, just to sum up everything for the new leaders. They handed us our T-shirts; an interesting “yellow-green” T-shirt. They sort of look a bit tacky compared to last year, the text doesn’t really stand out. And they gave us our leader tags, which also look tackier than last year’s ones, but it’s still a pas that gives us clearance backstage and lets youth know that we’re the leaders if they need any help.


We had a talk from Steve Chong about using the Holy Spirit to guide us into serving Jesus and having it point to Jesus; another one of those talks to inspire us. The rest of the day we split off into our teams and had meetings and a run-through of our roles; we have yet to confirm everything yet though. That’s for the next meeting three weeks from then, making that date the last weekend of semester break. We had lunch afterwards. The food team ordered a bunch of subway sandwiches and we all just ate to our filling.


After lunch we had more singing and then our workshops. Most people had to do Child Protection (again?!) but since I did it recently, I could skip it and do a different workshop: on theology of the Holy Spirit (yes, the training actually paid off!). The workshop leader didn’t get to finish his material but we did learn a bit and have notes to continue reading. We got back together again, sang and split off into our teams again for the Rally event.


Our tech team is so lazy we need no organizing; and yet our job is still hard, having to wake up early to get to the venue and then leave late haha! Don’t worry I will try to vlog this if I remember on the day.


Here’s the RICE video for this year:



But that’s about it for the day, it was a fairly long day because I had to wake up early to catch the train all the way down to Croydon, luckily some people from Thornleigh Baptist CABC (Tracy’s friends) gave me a lift back home, then I had enough time to drive myself out to Brick Pit to play badminton; a really tiring day, but Sunday had more to offer.





Oh dear Sunday was another long and busy day, although part of it I tribute to Saturday night. Our youth group had planned to run a parody of the Amazing Race, as most youth groups have already done. The bad thing was that exams got in the way and so we didn’t get any preparations done and the only planning we actually made was at the beginning of that week; and since then we’ve been working every night on the things we need. It took a lot of effort on all of our parts and luckily we managed to put it together on the day.


The outcome was okay; I think we stuffed up at the end, but fair enough considering how much time we actually had to prepare for it. Nat bought all the food that we needed on the day like early in the morning, and she also printed out all the clues and such. So we spent an hour before youth group started to set everything down and run through the race; things were a go! And I think the kids enjoyed it, it was clear the kids were really tired at the end of the race. We tried to get them to play King Caractacus but they were too tired to give in their energy.


Well there’s not much else I can say about the race; I actually didn’t get to witness much of the fun because I had to man my station and make sure that the race was flowing right. Of course I did manage to make a video of the race; did this on Wednesday in a couple of hours; that’s pretty fast 😛 Here it is:



After all of that, and after church spent more time with Mandy in the afternoon until it was time for dinner. And so as you can see my “home time” has been relatively little over the entire weekend, I really needed to sleep it off but then I don’t think I was given a proper chance, which was too bad. Had a few more things on during this week, which will be in the above post.


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