Semester 1 Final Exams (Part II)

With less than one day’s rest on Tuesday, my third exam came very promptly on Wednesday, again in the morning; and again at that ridiculously early time of 8:45am. Wednesday proved to be a fairly gloomy day, as opposed to all the sun since last week; it threatened to rain since the morning, and that just simply lowers my mood for the day.


I wondered if there was going to be another cram session on the train like on Monday. I was trying to get Sarah to cram with us; but she didn’t get my message in time and caught an earlier train; I saw that train enter Penno station and leave it. I was too lazy to rush and catch it because it wasn’t really the one I was aiming to get on anyway. I met Isabella instead; and during our conversation when she realized that she forgot her ruler; she phoned up Jess (who still hadn’t left her house (!!) ) and managed to scab a ruler off her.


Nat got on at Beecroft, Jess got on at Cheltenham and Charmaine got on at Epping; by that time we had accidentally ran out of seats for her. We were trying to secure those 5-seat sections on the top level; but we were a tad slow and some Asian guy playing his DS was already there; we took it anyway, but we couldn’t make enough room so Charmaine sat by herself at the other end of the car.


Anyway we crammed just as much as Monday; got a lot done; were the loudest on the train as usual. And as usual we got to the racecourse slightly early albeit the rain which made traffic a bit slower; and walking to the venue a bit more annoying. Lucky I brought an umbrella today because it was pouring like later on. I had a bit of trouble finding my examination room; especially when I’m really blind and cannot read the signs. Still my picture memory helped a bit and I soon made it to my Yum-Cha-restaurant-like exam room on time.



Exam 3: ECON1101

Course: Microeconomics 1


This was a 2-hour exam, featuring 20 multiple choice questions and two 20-mark response questions which we had to pick out of four choices. I already had a fear from the multiple-choice questions in the mid-semester exam, because I got 6 of 20 wrong and that really does cut down on marks. So I was particularly scared for today’s exam, also because I procrastinated a lot on Tuesday, which I tried to leave as my final tuning-up day for this exam. Guess it didn’t work out too well huh?


I know I’ve got one or two wrong in it, I guess that can’t be helped. And the worst thing about that is that each multiple-choice question was worth 1.25 marks; that is annoying. The exam was worth 65% of our final mark; and if you count it up now, the paper was out of 65 marks; a bit slack to make multiple-choice questions worth a bit more than they stereotypically are worth.


The extended response sections weren’t as bad as I expected although if I count up the marks I’ve lost, then it really does make my performance look really bad. The questions weren’t too hard in this section, but it is questionable what the marking criteria is for these questions, how much to write for 4 marks, etc. But of course diagrams are part of the answer so surely my pictures will help make up for the seeming “lack” of writing I gave as answers.


The fourth option question was split into three smaller questions; worth 8, 8 and 4 marks respectively. Now that is scary, having an 8-mark question, for which I only wrote like one page T.T” Hopefully I’ll lose at most one mark for each question, hopefully no more than that. But the option questions I picked were the ones I felt I could do best; so with that rigged mark allocation in the last one, I didn’t really have much of a choice.


I finished the exam with a few minutes to spare, willing to go through my answers slowly, and seeing if I had made any mistakes; I honestly don’t know what I’ve done wrong still so it’s all a compete guess for me. I might  not get distinction for this course, which does leave a hole in my desires to do well in every subject. But then again, I didn’t pick Microeconomics so doing bad in it is alright. Somehow I feel they’re going to mark our papers just like in Chemistry, with dodgy marking criteria where they ;look for specific keywords and that’s it; I hate that system so much.




Well after the exam we all proceeded to go home or chill out with each other. But first we had to catch a bus back to Central, which proved to be the biggest pain ever, and the rain making things worse. In fact the rain made everything completely horrible, because few people brought umbrellas so we all had to share. And then the buses were coming so slowly that we were all crowded in the same area; and it was cold, and eventually we made it to the head of the bus stop where we were forced to stand really close to the curb, and the rain made huge puddles build up close to the curb; and then trucks would come along in the lane closest to use, and the tires would whoosh in those huge puddles of water and…


Yeah; that’s how bad it was; I got soaked pretty thoroughly; had to shove my iPod and mobile back into my bad for fear of short-circuiting from the rain. Still we did have a bit of fun using umbrellas as shields to block off the “waves” released by passing trucks; it didn’t help much but we all had good laughs watching each other (or me) get soaked. I was really glad when the bus finally came; after 45 minutes oh my gosh! I was freezing cold by then since water had seeped through my clothing and the wind chilled my body completely; might’ve caught a cold who knows?


We went to Charlie’s house in the afternoon to play poker; that was nice. Oh and before we went to Parra Westfield for lunch; saw a few year 12s from our school, because we saw their jerseys, which had “B.H.H.S” writing in large white letters like at the bottom front part of the jersey. They look so ugly this year; they were a darker colour, just like James Ruse; man if it wasn’t for our school’s insignia or the huge initials, you might’ve thought that they were from James Ruse. Well I give a sigh at how pathetic the jerseys are this year; I feel mightily sorry for the grade below us, who had to pay good money for something that seemed to be designed by some of our noob English staff (they actually approved the design as well?!)


Well that’s my Wednesday; six more days till my last exam, and it’s the hardest one as well; all in good timing, leaving the best till last. Time to super cram now!


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