Nick’s 18th

The number of people in our group that are turning 18 is nearly nil. So tonight we celebrated Nick’s 18th at a nice Korean BBQ restaurant in the city: Shinara. But of course there was more to the day than just having dinner; oh no. The day was more exciting.



Well Saturday proved to be a mildly glum day; more bad weather, less sunshine. And that typically created a procrastinating feeling in me. So even though I tried to do work, I didn’t get much done. I was working out a few things with UltraStar and before I know it, I was rushing to cook ramen for lunch and then heading off for the train.


I under-estimated the amount of time it would take for me to talk to the train station; I guess the glum weather slowed me down, made me feel tired and all. So I actually had to run down Pennant Hills Road to get to the station in time, with like 1 minute to spare; felt annoying to show myself to the public as some desperate Asian kid running ridiculously down the road clutching his bag awkwardly o.0”


Caught the train with Chris and Matt, and met up with everyone else in front of St Andrew’s Cathedral, as I had planned ^^ By that time the rain had started falling heavily and we carefully and quickly rushed ourselves over to karaoke. Nick’s gf was there too, but she didn’t join us for K; in fact she didn’t even show up to the dinner at all, what?!



Anyway we went to Big Echo for karaoke; they used a similar system to a few other karaoke bars, which sucks because they all have outdated Japanese songs and it annoys me . Also annoys me how they music videos aren’t even the original ones and they look just so retarded; God bless SingStar for that. But yeah there weren’t many Jap songs for me to choose form so I was a bit disappointed. They had the popular The Fray songs which was good, and some other ones which “just had to do” since there was nothing else to choose. Everyone else stuck to Mando songs; mostly Jay Chou and Leehom. See I don’t have my Jap songs to counter their Mando songs haha T.T” oh well


We K’ed for 3 hours, throat became sore and there was some “weird” stuff going o throughout the time, Matthew picking love songs and a few of the guys getting a bit close haha! Still a good way to pass time with friends and of course with birthday boy Nick. Three hours is a long time, and I gues it was fairly suitable for seven people, with four microphones each. The room was fairly nice, fairly spacious; could’ve fit up to 12 people I reckon.


Korean BBQ

Funny how more stuff happened at the BBQ in the 90 minutes, rather than the 3 hours in karaoke. But that should be natural since we paid a whopping $29.50 for those 90 minutes. Nick previously investigated a price of $26.50 and also a time limit of 2 hours; huge change of plans at the last second? Man I figured there’d be some tricks to Korean BBQ; not entirely pleased with all these conditions that had to be met: Firstly we had 90 minutes in the restaurant. And then we wouldn’t be able to continue ordering food after the 60-minute mark. Now that calls for strategy; and here’s the penalty twist: we have to pay $2.00 extra for each unfinished plate of food! Ooh, this really calls for some ingenious strategy.


The problem was that we couldn’t each too much, and yet we had to eat as much as we could in our time limit. And as I immediately discovered, our limit to eating as much as we could was grounded by the fact that we had to wait for our food to cook. We sat for the first fifteen minutes without stomaching everything but rather watching our food cook; it felt like such idle time. And there was only one or two dishes which were prepared cooked, we kept ordering that the most.


The food wasn’t too bad, quite a wide variety of meat; we kept spam ordering as fast as we could. I think Nick has a similar mindset to me, where we have to strategise everything to achieve the best outcome. So we both kept yelling at the Matthew, Eric and Kelvin table for being idle and having nothing to cook on their grill; IDLE!


Well our clothes did stink up at the end of the night; I’ve lost  a jacket now, won’t be able to wash it for a while due to all this bad weather. I think cooking the food was rather annoying; even I wasn’t too familiar with the types of meat. And from my mum’s brainwashing, trying to make me a health freak, I was trying to cook the meat without getting it too burnt; but I was quick to accept the fact that I’d rather the meat a bit singed rather than risk it raw, even a tad raw. I got a bit impatient waiting for the food to cook, because I al;ways had in mind the amount of time we had left.


By the end of the night I was fairly stuffed, not to the best extent but I guess to the best of my first time at a BBQ restaurant, and the 90-minute limit. Luckily we had Jono to finish off whatever we ordered extra. I accidentally ordered a few too many Korean pancakes in my final super round of ordering, so I just fed it to Jono, good boy! Well I think I’ve said enough of tonight. Here are some photos: pay attention to my beautiful octopus!








Here are some videos: the first one is of Kelvin’s rice tea spiked with soy sauce:



The second is Charlie vs Matthew in an arm wrestle; with one twist at the end:



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