End of Mid-Sem Break

Well the end of the mid-semester break is finally here, but I’ve enjoyed my week sort of. It’s been fairly productive and tiring, just typing up notes for accounting and microeconomics. Also went ahead in some homework, but not by too much. Other than that I gamed for a fair bit; which is probably why I’ve been sleeping late every night and hence also why with me blogging on today at 10:30pm is not a good idea >.<”


Still had some church duties today, quite another busy day today. Kenny called me out to speak to the year 11s and 12s from our youth group with tips regarding staying healthy as a Christian for HSC; I had some strong tips prepared and when Jess interviewed me she never really asked me for those Christ-related tips  So ultimately I never did anything there, oh well. We had toasted croissants from Coles, stuffed with cheese and ham, quite a nice breakfast thingy haha. Not many young-uns came either which was too bad; wouldn’t be much point in sharing with only a few people anyway. Donna and her friend (bah I forgot her name) came cosplaying. They were going for some private cosplay picnic thing in the city; whatever, not interested, and hopefully if I manage to get on the coordinating team for SMASH, things’ll get interesting (ie karaoke judge, and screw over those who screwed me over last year at Animania!)


We saw Sharon walk past several times during the morning, she looked oddly older and frankly more “teacher-like”. Like honestly, she had the image of a kindergarten teacher if you lookat her from behind, obviously her face looks too young for a teacher hehe ^^ That’s a good thing, Sharon! Yeah okay no more random things for the morning.


In the afternoon, the packing up for after SMAC took ages, not sure what was going on. There was some food which was good (I’ll have to somewhat live off this stuff as my lu nch every Sunday since I have Crossfire leader meetings soon thereafter). Quentin made some nice mini cupcakes; it’s okay Shaz if he followed a recipe from a box, it was still good xD And after a long long time, after everyone had left; when it was like 1:30pm, only then did we get Kenny to start our leaders meeting; we were meant to start at 1 T.T” It was then we realized that the meetings were beginning to fall apart, since Jess had to leave at 1:45pm for her QMA assignment. Obviously we really need to work out when we can meet, and make it productive; gonna be some hard work huh? And more from my part since Kenny knows I’m ahead so he’s gonna expect a bit more from me >.<” well I had that coming huh?


In the afternoon (okay Sharon here’s the full story), our group was planning to have a get-together at my house; we tried to organise one for Tuesday but that died after much hardwork from my part; I got so frustrated when things didn’t work out. So we tried to reconcile by having one at my house. I was already nervous at having more people come over to my house; never know what t he parents would feel. But today had a strangely good turn out, one I never expected; and it fills me with bliss at seeing the way today turned out. Anyway Matthew and other friends, from primary school were going to play basketball at Penno High; they have rally nice courts, I wouldn’t mind going there for Bball in the future. But of course I’m fairly noob at Bball so I made a fool out of myself in front of Jacky, Matt and Jeremy. The plan was they would come over to my house afterwards, along with anyone else who wanted to come. Well that plan failed and no-one else wanted to come so in the end it was just Matthew and Jacky. Jeremy had to go off elsewhere so it was only two.


Now to entertain them, there’s not much you can do with three people. I only had tow Wii remotes left after Friday so that was not a good idea ; and yeah I’m out of options there. One other bizarre idea was Mahjong, but where would I get my fourth player? I originally intended like 5-6 people to come and never thought about what we would do; so by  last night I thought that Mahjong was the best option. The only other Mahjong-crazed person I know who lived around was Sharon, and funny as it is to say, I never thought she’d at first consider coming to my house for Mahjong, and th en later the fact that she did actually come. I don’t know, I always thought she was inclined to come to my house (she did dog my 18th last year =.=”) but I suppose this time round, she does know Jacky and Matthew (from MLM and next gen respectively) so it should’ve been easier for her to handle. Sharon is the second girl to have come to my house; honour that well Shaz!


Anyway we walked back from Penno High after Bball and coincidentally Sharon got to my place about the same time as when we walked all t he way back.  Jacky and Matt were intent in playing Magic (again!) so we watched them play for half an hour. Jacky’s cousin keeps giving him new cards; and they’re all hacked, over-powered and such. That’s another reason why I quit the game, the developers have lost their creativity.


By 4:30pm we started playing Mahjong; first time I’ve used that new set of mine properly which was cool ^^ Might as well break into it before I bring it to church camp; gosh I am so scared that some parent is going to lop my head for bringing it, we’re not gambling with it geez! I’m crap at Mahjong too but playing more  means I keep getting better which is good; learnt a bit more tonight. Actually I only intended everyone to stay till 5:30pm; but then mum came and offered everyone to stay for dinner, which was something I never expected her to do, and so they all stayed for dinner and we kept playing till 7:30pm.


Had dinner then. Mum harassed Matthew about medicine. She kept going on about how hard it is to get a proper job once you graduate because of all the competition and stuff; just to sum her half hour speech haha! But yeah it actually sounded quite bad I reckon, so  if Matt does drop medicine I’m gonna feel really bad about it haha!  Haven’t ever had friends over for dinner before either, so it was nice to have these guys over haha!


We kept playing till 9:30pm, man what a long day, Mahjong really do es kill time VERY QUICKLY! In fact I didn’t get any work done today, I was planning on getting more notes written up, but oh well; friends come first xD In summary Sharon kicked us all hard…just too pro T.T”  she won about 9 times, most of them legit (hear me out first Shaz!) since for some games Mat just fed her like crazy, and one time I missed a beautiful flush because I was tired and wasn’t paying attention, bah! My beautiful 7 fan hand! And yeah.  The rest of us won 3 times each, sort of. That’s how badly we got owned by Shaz. Matthew was funny because he was always last to finish his wall, every single time. And you could see that he was becoming more and more high as the night went on, such as flicking tiles at us, then singing random songs; mostly “What About Me?” by Shannon Noll, and then also occasionally losing one tile from his hand, so he couldn’t finish for a few rounds haha! Jacky kept a fairly decent pace throughout the night but always seemed to hold the key winning tile, which most of the time went to Shaz; looks like he owes her a lot of money.


But yes it was a really fun night, I was really glad for the four of us ^^ a fairly happy and enjoyable night and good way to end our mid-sem break. Well it’s back to work now, that is, until church camp this  Friday! RICE meeting tomorrow night at Moore College, really excited, albeit the fact I’ll have a 7am to 11pm day tomorrow outside of the house…that’s a 16 hour day T.T” Going to be really dead tomorrow unless I sleep now, which is what I shall do. Thank you for reading. Love your friends!


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