More Church Activities

Kenny dragged us out to the Parish Centre, formally our church but we’ve moved location now, for a another session for ministry training. We haven’t had a meeting for a long time but it’s good that us “elites” can meet together again for more discussion. Sorry if I overstepped the mark with that word; Kenny picked one “elite” from each grade for this ministry training team; we’re actually responsible for a lot of stuff at SMAC but of course we’ve forgotten our duties again haha, so we really have to get some love going around this Sunday. Kenny is slowly filling up the other grades; we’ve had two new elites chosen, for a total of  six now. All we’re missing is just year 7; can an elite spring up from such a young grade?


Don’t know why he called us out at 9:30am as well, so early T.T” but oh well. We looked at the topic of “Evangelism” today, we’re only looking at topics relevant to ministry unfortunately, so he’s never going to go through “Predestination” and stuff with them, oh well. Pretty interesting, what we learn today, and it was good to be accountable for each others’ Christian lives. I’m glad I’ve got other strong Christians to talk to, even if I am the eldest and they are all sisters, but it’s interesting to see things their way haha. I enjoy those meetings.


Afterwards, we disbanded and Kenny took me out for lunch with William; he said he’d take us out for lunch, which was what I expected, but instead he was just going to disciple William so I was reluctant to tag along, but then didn’t want to go back home for lunch since I had something else coming up at 2pm. We had fish and chips for lunch from that fish market in t he Penno market place; only $5.00 haha, same price as from 10 years ago haha, haven’t eaten from there in such a long time. We ate in the park next to the library and then Kenny began to go through a study with William; he’s still an early Christian apparently so yeah. I knew I shouldn’t bother them, feeling like the third wheel and all. So I left them after a while and just roamed around.


Went first to the library and checked the community board; there were some advertisements on tutoring, maybe I should advertise there too if I decide to tutor; that is, if I can find time to tutor T.T” Another alternative I found was working for the pre-uni that was in fact really close to me, just next to Pennant Hills train station. Well that sort of helps me in looking for work. Do I really need a resume? Isn’t a guy studying the crazy combination of Actuarial Studies with Mathematics at UNSW, and achieving a 90 average not qualified to tutor HSC mathematics? What more would they want from me in a resume?


I went to find the pre-uni, the entrance was quite of secluded and hard to find but I did, then turned back. As I stood to wait for the lights to cross back to the library, I saw this girl on t he other side who looked oddly familiar. I am really blind these days so I couldn’t really see who it was, but I sort of recognised her clothes and her bag. I was like “…Sharon?" Is that Sharon, leh?” and then I saw her glasses and I was like “wait, that can’t be Sharon…can it?” and from that point onwards I honestly thought she looked like some regular Korean chick, I honestly couldn’t tell it was her until I crossed half the street, at which point I was like: “Oh wow I am blind, it is Sharon T.T”” Yeah sorry Shaz you looked more Korean to me than Chinese haha! Obviously no mistake on my part since you are a Korean “Otaku”. Is there a Korean-equivalent for that word?


Bleh, I never get to meet up with her much since the beginning of this year. We both took our separate paths in church; she went to Children’s ministry and Sunday School haha so now I rarely see her. Actually one other reason why I didn’t think it was her was because it didn’t seem like her to hang on  anywhere in Pennant Hills anyway; what good place is there in our crappy suburb? She could’ve ben going to catch the train but that didn’t seem likely; so my logic sort of told me it wasn’t Sharon, oh well. Her friends came soon after we started talking, and oh my gosh I can’t believe I didn’t recognize Wilson when he said “Hi” to me. He clearly knew who I was, from Facebook photos. But honestly I didn’t recognize him, I don’t know why. We’ve never met before after all, it was all through Sharon haha! Bah, oh well, I’ll say hi to him once he comes back from Perth at the end of the semester.


At 2pm we went back to church where I had organised a Wii Gaming Social thingy for my Bible study group; Sean (Julz’ bro) suggested it and Kenny wanted me to do something with my Bible study group so I might as well. Getting two other Wii controllers has been my biggest challenge this week. Thanks to Kelvin for agreeing to lend me his motes without hesitation; things would’ve gone fine if we had managed to meet up during the week. But then our group got into a fuss about location and time, and with half the group not being able to make it; it got out of hand that we ended up not meeting at all and then I no longer had anyway to get Wii controllers T.T” Took a lot  of effort. I managed to salvage one from William and the other from Darwin and only at th e last minute (like literally) was everything okay.


We gamed from 2pm to 6pm, even though it was only meant to last till 4pm; whoops my bad. I don’t know, I was at least glad I managed to shove a bit of Bible study in the session; otherwise it would’ve been pretty pointless to meet as Christians huh? But yeah, we played Brawl, then Mario Kart (same old, same old), Bleach and then Wii tennis. I’ll spare the details, they were just kids after all. But yes it was a lo ng day today, another 9 to 6 day for church work haha!


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