Commerce CBS Social

On Thursday, Mike organised a CBS social for commerce students out in Bicentennial Park; but before I get to that let’s recount to this morning.


Took a nice 1.5 hour walk/jog in the morning because mum was complaining that I wasn’t doing enough exercise. So I woke up at 8am and took off for a jog. Interesting, I’ve never myself as one of those early morning jogger people; and funnily enough I actually met a few people who were also having morning jogs. I was glad the sun was out but not too hot, I hate having to run under a hot sun; but then again it shouldn’t really be hot early in the morning. Not sure if I’ll continue such a routine; still should find some physical activity to keep myself fit. I’ve got the option of Brickpit but then there’s a lot of stuff I could do there, and with different groups of people; I’ll wait. In the meantime I made myself over to Mandy’s house. It’s kind of pointless jogging without a destination. Although truthfully, I never made it to her house because I couldn’t find her street; I forgot where it was on the map. That was why my jog took 1.5 hours, that extra half hour was spent searching for her street.  I eventually gave up and swang by Sharon’s house instead…had to go to somebody’s house after all. I saw Sharon…nah just kidding hehe.


Anyway took the train down to Concord West to walk to Bicentennial Park, the usual RICE/Supanova route. When I got off the train I noticed that Jono, my Bible study group leader, was on my train (or rather he noticed me). He said that Charlie was coming so we also waited for him. Smart move of Charlie to catch the train up here, even if it is farther, in order to avoid those Easter Show goers. We made our way to the BBQ area, and just for the record, it was where we had our year 12 picnic; the source of all that water gun fighting and stuff haha!


Only Mike was there apparently, even though we were on time. He was already starting to BBQ the chickens so I immediately stepped up and did the sausages, all four trays of them haha. Meh, I’ve always been the cook for many events, I’m getting the hang of barbeques now because I try to find the balance between getting food cooked and keeping it from bring burnt. I hate barbeque food that’s burnt; it’s unhealthy and there isn’t a need to get the food burnt right? Actually I’m afraid that my sausages might have been a bit undercooked, I don’t know; the meat wasn’t super hard like burnt ones but I was sure that the meat had turned brown, and the skin was fairly brown already; it just tasted soft I don’t know. Hope no-one dies because of that.


More people came as I cooked over the hour, a few people encouraged me, saying I was like a sashimi chef or something; bleh, I cook heaps so it’s fine. I was kind of happy to have been able to serve them as a Christian brother, that was the whole reason why I volunteered to help with cooking, and I forgot to pay Mike for the food but surely my labour has paid off my debts.


We played frisbee for a while afterwards and then had an ultimate frisbee match once some more girls came, Sarah and her friends; they were really late but oh well. Scary, because one of the girls there (bah I forgot her name0, she was 3rd year I think and is apparently Kenny’s cousin, and Eddie Woo (who spoke at our church last week) is her brother-in-law o.0”…scary. Anyway the frisbee match lasted only 10 minutes with like 8 goals from both sides; that’s about a goal a minute haha


Afterwards we sort of broke into two groups, and I joined Mandy’s group to play “Yakka” or whatever/however you spell that game. Actually, Mandy, I always thought she was the Mandy from my old Chinese school; in fact I asked if she remembered me and she was like “Yes, from Chinese school”. But then we both found out that we went to different Chinese schools and so now we’re both confused at how we’re meant to know each other T.T” too weird…


Okay, Yakka I think is quite a fun game, it’s a bit of luck and a bit of gambling, I like it since it’s a change form poker.  Think of it as draw poker only more even and less on the betting. Everyone starts with five cards and the objective is to draw and discard cards until the sum of the cards in your hand is 10 or less. Aces count as 1, kings count as 13, jokers count as 0. When you discard a card, you have the option of drawing a new card from the deck or taking the card on top of the discard pile, just like in draw poker. The only catch is that you can discard doubles or triples of the same number in one go, and of course you cannot discard the card you draw (hence that is why you discard first). Once someone has a sum of 10 or less, then call out “Yakka” on their next turn. The person with the lowest sum is the winner (not necessarily the person who called “Yakka”) and the loser is the person with the highest sum.  You may then deal punishment as according to the boundaries set before the game. It’s pretty fun.


I won the first two rounds, my  very  first two rounds and then it became spread across other players. oh and this point I sort of realized that Sarah, Sharon’s bestie is a lot like her: they’re both quiet and somewhat hard to talk to because neither of them talk much T.T” so it was hard to talk to her. Actually, this was the third time I’ve seen her. The first was back in the first CBS social like in week 0, and the second time was in the School of Business. At the time I had sat down next to her because there were no seats left; I was waiting for the anime club to start and decided to write my Bible study then. I never realised Sarah sat next to me and she was really friendly with the “Hi Jason, good to see you…” and shamefully at the time I didn’t recognise who she was; so I awkwardly replied with a “Oh hey…” it felt kind of stupid not knowing who I was talking to, but now I know T.T” The set punishment for Yakka was sit ups for girls and push ups for guys. I had the opportunity to make Sarah do sit ups within my first two wins but she seemed somewhat reluctant to and she kept mouthing “no” to me, so I just made her drink water, the only other punishment I was accustomed with since next gen.


We played that game for a while longer before deciding to leave. Me, Charlie, Sarah and two other girls walked back to Concord West and then took our separate trains home. Funnily this other girl who goes to the same church as Sarah (and also walking back with us) catches the exact same train as me every morning for uni and also the exact same carriage nearly. I forgot her name (again) and it’s just strange that I’ve never noticed her for the past five weeks, odd indeed. Oh well, if I see her again I should better ask her name again, keep forgetting people’s names.


But all in all today was a really fun day, happy to have met up with a bunch of people; Jono Chow (my Bible study group leader) is part of the Core team for RICE; so I might be working under him, can’t wait till my first RICE coordinator’s meeting next Monday!


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