Jono’s Belated Birthday Dinner

Jonothan Wang’s official birthday is recorded at 30th March (right?) and yet sadly, our group has been kind of disorganized for these past few weeks that we haven’t had time to sync our times too well. And yet within a few days of planning over e-mail, we managed to set up a dinner for Jono AND get him a present, all in the span of four days haha! Now that is efficiency.


Anyway I’m sure Jono has seen his present at this point so it’s safe to say. We got him a foosball table; or more precise, Charlie got him a foosball table and we all chipped him, although I do suspect that Charlie is paying more than the rest of us for it; won’t reveal the price here. The events of today took a while to finalise because there were a few conditions that needed to met. But to be concise, we had Charlie drive the foosball table to Jono’s place in the afternoon and we all agreed to meet down at Eastwood at about 6pm…but the time dragged on 6:30pm for some reason; ie no-one was punctual, not even me. A bit more on that later :P:


Ah whatever. Here’s some backstage stuff that everyone missed out on haha; I always seem to get myself into silly adventures when no-one is around. Today’s random objective was to run to Beecroft train station in 10 minutes. Well technically it should be 15 minutes because I walked over to Jacky’s place first, to use as a starting point. He claims that walking to Beecroft station is faster than to Pennant Hills station, so I wanted to test his theory out. Looking at the directory, I don’t believe him but I still wanted to test his theory.


The train would be at Beecroft at 5:30pm; I left the house at 5:15pm, stupid decision really. I was planning to leave at 5pm and take a leisurely walk to Beecroft but I guess I was too caught up playing Fire Emblem haha! Anyway I figured that normally getting to Pennant Hills station in 10 minutes isn’t too much of a problem, but I did wonder if I could make it to Beecroft in time.


I began jogging towards the station; and I started running faster, realizing that 10 minutes would be too little time unless I really gave some sort of effort. Fist off I jay-walked Pennant Hills Road, and I would like to emphasise that this is a big “no-no” since it was peak hour as well and cars didn’t pile out at all; don’t do it, unless you really know what you’re doing. Up along Beecroft Road I estimated that my time was running out fast; in fact just past the observatory park I had like 4 minutes to get to the station; I should’ve jay-walked somewhere when the traffic piled up because once I ran past it, I couldn’t find a way to cross the road, until I got to the lights. I pelted across luckily as the lights turned red, full pelt down that slope, down the stairs, through the corridor and up the stairs. Actually I saw the train and I got near the station; and there were only precious seconds left. And as I emerged onto the platform…the train pulled away.


I missed the train by a mere 10 seconds,time I could’ve saved had I put in more effort; but then I really didn’t want to push myself, it wouldn’t be nice to my body duh! But I did prove that I can get to Beecroft station in about 10-15 minutes so I do kind of feel proud. Even though I missed the train I felt like I achieved something, even if only immaturely tangible. Still it was fun; my body cooled down really badly as I sat there for 20 minutes waiting for the next train, cooling sweat is not good, nearly gave me a cold T.T”


Anyway back to the dinner; here is where, Kelvin, there is stuff posted directly for you. We had problems choosing a place to eat. Firstly Tim proposed three options to Jono: Chinese, Korean and Japanese, the types of food we could have. Having picked Chinese (because Nick didn’t want the “fumes” from Korean BBQ, if there even are any) we went around a bit looking for a place to eat. I would say I knew Eastwood the best out of all who went tonight – me, Jono, Charlie, Nick, Yitian and Tim.


Where could we eat? There aren’t many places to choose from. The Peking restaurant was too expensive. There aren’t many other competitors we could choose from because they all had similar expensive prices; The Golden Jade restaurant is even more expensive. So ultimately we went to Cafe de Macau. I know, Kelvin, I know. It’s a crap place, but we didn’t have a choice. And besides, for a person who says “好朋友茶餐廳的食物是美味” I’m not quite sure how to accept your advice haha!


Ultimately we all ordered separately; we we’re half planning on just ordering dished of food and sharing but clearly it’s not something we’ve tried, yet we should, One major I realized at the time was that we had very limited Cantonese users amongst the group. And shamefully the one with the best Chinese of any sort was me T.T” I swear I tried really hard, I could easily order what I wanted: 海南雞飯 plus lemon honey tea.


Everyone else ordered in English, most of which I could almost translate into what is written exactly on the menu, nearly. But yeah I let them speak; I spoke in Cantonese the entire time to waiters so at least they knew there was one “fob” there; surely they would’ve ripped us off if we all proved we couldn’t read or speak Chinese haha.


Will finish this post later.


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