Easter Sunday

Hmm this one should be a long post; and about time too. My life has been fairly empty over the past few months, so it’s good to finally have an interesting day.



Easter Sunday proved to be another one of those special Sundays particularly for church, and I thought so too. In fact, the Chinese side were having this fairly large morning tea so I thought we were having a combined service or something with our English-speaking side. But I was wrong and so I sat through a Cantonese service for no apparent reason; but then my parents were there anyway so fair enough to attend an Easter Sunday service with them.


Actually I decided to use the time to analyse the structure of the service, since I am still sort of relied on to coordinate for our side. I was also hereon Friday for the Good Friday service; again I thought it was a combined and I ended up sitting through that one also for no apparent reason. Anyway I did come to realise a few things about their service which made theirs seem better than ours (or in other words: things we could be doing to improve our service).


Firstly I noticed a slight difference between their music worship team and ours. I guess that’s fair since their song leaders are older and hence more experienced. I’ve seen song-leading for several years now, and I’ve had to be song leader the odd couple of times for Soul Purpose (otherwise their wouldn’t be any guy singers haha!) and what I realise is that our song leaders merely sing the songs. I always thought there was more to song leading than just singing. I always had the view that song leaders should also give a brief 10-second introduction/summary to certain songs and how they relate to us; and then add in the occasional prayer and all. I remember fairly well the way Jackson (Donna’s brother, Kel you may remember him from Hamachi DotA years ago) did song leading; the same way I just described. I guess it helps the congregation relate more to the song leaders, when they actually speak to you.


Also, their prayers are fairly powerful, and by that I mean heart-felt and emotional. No matter who is praying, you can always feel the emotion in the speaker’s voice; yet for our side prayers are somewhat sensible and solemn; not boring but like not overly emphatic. As I’ve said before in a previous article, I don’t particularly like preaching through emotion because it can mislead people; and yet I cannot deny that we need this good feeling from emotion in order to get us hooked into the service. I suppose there is no helping it, that we do need emotion in our preaching; but I would just hope that people would know better to let their heads lead them to faith, then let their faith lead them to their heart.


Anyway our service rolled past in the hour after that, although I paid less attention to how we could improve our service then. I was more thinking about the rest of the things I had to do for the rest of the day.


Crossfire Leader’s Meeting

Next up on my program list was to get all our youth group leaders to discuss plans for next term and such. Well I had to organise this one because our pastor Kenny had a meeting with the church council, as a member of the church council I should rather say. so without him someone has to take the initiative. We were meant to start at 1pm but somehow time dragged on and instead we started at 1:20pm, shows how time-wasting we sometimes are. Kenny joined us for a short while since his meeting was yet to start.


So I looked at him with the mental message: “Okay Kenny tell us what we should discuss about first.” And Kenny stared right back at me with the same question. And I was then “Oh no, so I’m chairing this meeting?” Yes I was nervous at being “in charge” in front of the other girl leaders because yeah I’m sort of afraid of them; maybe I’m paranoid? And also I get reminded of the segregated leadership back from Soul Purpose. Well most of you will know what I’m talking about. And let’s face it, our two different views sort of divided the leadership up and so I was afraid something bad might happen if I accidentally overstepped my mark or said something wrong. I’d hate to have the girls turn on me >.<”


But anyway I tried to take us through the basic factors that needed to be considered. Luckily we also had Nat’s sister, Kylie, who for a year 9 gave some in depth feedback. Funny she always seemed the fun-loving type, I never thought she’d take strict notice of the way we ran youth group. But yeah her feedback proved to be very useful. We didn’t get through much in 40 minutes because everyone had to leave at 2. Well, Jess and Eva had music practice (argh!) and then Nat just went home. And I also had to go somewhere for my final thing for today..I do know that Jess and Nat haven’t finished their Bible studies, which is not a good sign from them. And they’re busy from being behind in university and so since I’m ahead, I guess I’ll have to help them if they need it.


Well that just auto-sets me as the one to continue setting agendas and all for our youth group leadership since I’m the one more ahead in my work (hence I have time to blog); so that really means I have to be careful in how I lead, for fear of causing problems similar to those in the past.


And now we come to the pinnacle event of today, I was looking forward to this the most and I was glad at the way it turned out:


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