Double Take

Hmm…I think I should re-evaluate my first university experiences over the course of the entire week, as opposed to the first day. Having been through the first week I can see what university life is like now, and I can sort of project how future weeks will seem. So I think now would be a better time to put some real thoughts down.


First off, the whole waking up early concept is going to be a hassle over this semester; waking up at 6:15am every morning is far from cool. But purposely picked it knowing that I would have a hard first semester, but that I would also learn to get used to a “worst case scenario” so I can better adjust for future years. But yeah, it sucks having to wake up early because that means I need to sleep early; which therefore limits the amount of stuff I can do at night. But I suppose the heaviness of it all is also to do with the transport required. I’m looking at about 1.5 hours worth of travel time for one way, and just over an hour on the way back when it’s not peak hour. I’m glad I’m getting used to taking public transport because I never did during my high school years and hence I was nervous about it. And I suppose I’m getting used to being crammed on a train or a bus; it’s not so bad as long as you get a seat.


But anyway I guess my week was sort of like a rollercoaster; it started off well but then I hit a major down point by Wednesday but I guess now on Friday things picked up to where they were on Monday. I can’t believe that in the first week we were already expected to have done a fair amount of math homework from books that we have yet to buy. It’s not cool already being behind on the first week; and I still am but I estimate that I’ll catch up by this weekend so things aren’t as stressful. But earlier this week I was really heavily stressed by Wednesday because for three days, including Wednesday, I knew I wouldn’t have any time to do any sort of work, not even read over my lecture notes, or the course outline and stuff. I hadn’t a clue as to what I was to do at university so I was simply lost. And the reason why I didn’t have time was because I had church activities on for two nights straight, lasting 3 hours a night for two nights but simply killed off my entire night anyway. Having MLM on Tuesday and then Crossfire leadership on Wednesday really taxed on my working times at night. I kind of figured church would tax on my studying but somehow this week seemed so vitally important to me that I got stressed at forcing myself to attend these meetings even though somehow university became a higher priority for me during this week.


I think that the most important thing to think about is how you manage your time, and that means taking a stock of all your spare time, knowing that you need to devote some of it to studies. But think about it: you have your hours at university attending classes (for me that’s 18 a week); then you have idle hours spent on campus in between classes (for me that’s 6) plus your travelling time (that’s about 15 every week), sleeping time (30 hours for weekdays). and I guess after deducting other things then you can see how much time you have for leisure activities and stuff. I don’t have a job like others, although somehow my ministry at church counts as my job, shame there’s no income on it. So I am going to go through uni knowing I’ll be spending a major part of my spare time involved in church matters;I mean think about it: church coordinator, youth group leader, young adults group participant, and now RICE leader, I swear that’s more work than most other people have at the moment. But I won’t get the opportunity to tutor people for income I reckon; I don’t know. I’m still not sure how much time I can devote to another activity.


Anyway these were my primary concerns that stressed me out over the week. I didn’t have much problems finding my way around the campus even though I never went on the tours; but I guess now there’s less of a need to. I’m getting the hang of how we’re meant to learn here: it’s just sit through the lecture with notes and textbooks. Frankly with these additional sources to the lecture, I don’t really see a need to attend. I guess this is where the whole skipping lecture thing comes into play and I might consider doing it haha. Tutorials on the other hand aren’t much informative either in a sense; it’s more to do with everyone being involved in a discussion which isn’t too demanding I suppose. Well this is true for general university courses. However, I will testify that maths courses are slightly different. It’s all just math work all the time, even during tutorials; there’s no discussion. Tutorials for maths is more like telling your tutor which questions you want him/her to go through, that’s it. No discussion involved.


But other than that I can sort of estimate what my workload will be like so that’s why I’m slightly more relaxed at the moment. But I want to devote time to life outside of university; that’s why I joined clubs and such. Most of my other time is spent at CBS (Campus Bible Study) and through that I’ve met so many new people which unlike in lecture halls I’ve actually seen several times over the week. And then there’s the anime club (of which I shall become president over one day haha!) I’m not too involved because they aren’t running too many things at the moment. Actually they had a kick-off night tonight but because of work I elected not to go; that’s fine by me. Butt they do have gaming sessions every Tuesday afternoon, so that’s where I’ll be then.


And on the topic of meeting people, I personally don’t feel the need to socialize as much and make new friends and such. I’ve already met like 5 new people from CBS and have chatted to them over the week; and then I’m recommended to make more friends from lectures and tutorials? I don’t see the logic of it, especially in lecture halls because you’re bound to never see the person next to you ever again. And during tutorials you usually only see that person like one hour a week; what’s the point? Well I guess it’s not that I’m against doing it but I personally just don’t see the need to put my priority in that. After all, most of my high school friends are here anyway, particularly Yitian who I see for 8 hours a week at least. Who knows? I guess if an ideal situation to make friends does come, of course I’ll take it I guess I was too stressed this week to bother.


Other than that I also need to buff up a bit because the weight of my bag is sort of becoming an issue. This is probably due to the fact that I’m bringing my own lunch in a thermos tin haha; probably accounts for like half the weight of my bag, maybe. And then I might have to bring in some books to tutorials; I don’t at the moment an am surviving quite well off a single pad of  paper (that belonged to high school haha!)


Things haven’t yet flourished in my university life but then again I am still settling into this lifestyle after one week; still so much to do and such *sigh*


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