Another “First Day” Post

Ah, how many times have I posted “It’s the first day of…”? There was year 12; and then the HSC; and a bunch of stuff from past years. And although the first day of university is a big thing, I suppose the first of anything nowadays has become slightly overrated for me. But I guess my first day at UNSW had it’s troubles and surprises; quite interesting for a first day.


Well let’s start with travelling. Catching the train at 7:27am was slightly hard because I had to re-adjust to waking up early, like at 6am. It was always hell back when I have 4U in the morning. But now I’m going to have to do this everyday so it’s surely a change in lifestyle for me. The train was packed, as I expected; but the atmosphere was kind of bad because of the rainy weather since dawn.  Jacky and Jeremy somehow also got the same train as me, in the same carriage as well. They didn’t see me of course but I saw them.


I was glad to have caught that train because by the time I had walked out of Central and to the bus bay; the queue for UNSW express buses was packed very far back. Think back to the queue at Animania and then multiply that by 5; that was how many people were in front of us. However, within 10 minutes, all those people in front of us had moved onto buses and we were on a bus too sooner than we expected. Yet as the bus rolled away from the curb, we could see that the queue had doubled from the point we originally stood at; which just means I can’t afford to catch a train later than 7:27am T.T”


The bus ride took almost 20 minutes as well because of traffic; which really does set my travel time at over an hour, just as I anticipated. The fist surprise for the day was when Jeremy was deciding to get off the bus towards the back of the university campus, even though our Actuarial Studies lecture was meant to be at the front. It was then he told me that they changed the timetables at a later date (after I had printed mine out) so instead of the Chemical Sciences building, the lecture was held in the Biomedical theatre.


Ah, my first lecture was interesting in a way and yet boring in another. I would have never thought that 2 hour lectures were that long and arduous. It was interesting because there were two speakers, giving a 1 hour lecture each; one on Algebra and another on Calculus. Halfway through the lecture, people from the Actuarial Studies society came and told us about what their club does; and also that we become automatic members because we’re doing Actuaries. They also held a free barbeque today although they were slow in cooking; we did come for the free drinks though. But yeah, almost fell asleep in my very first lecture because I either had a long night, or that 2 hour lectures are too long for my attention span.


I had two hours free afterwards; interesting that I share the same breaks with a few people like Yitian and Kelvin; Andy also popped by randomly so we all hung out together. Yet it waskind of pointless because we didn’t really do anything. We just chatted and stuff;  didn’t like play anything or such. Iguess we might bring cards next time. Our lowest option would be to find a sport and play handball like we always did haha, although we might get a o.0” expression from everyone around us.


One thing I have not grasped is: what are we meant to do in our frees? It’s not like we can study, right? Well maybe I suppose but like what else can we do? It’s not high school where we still have a playground to do whatever we want. I guess the only activity people do is simply talk; that’s not bad but I guess our group was more accustomed to something more physical. But I guess when you think about it: just how much free time do we actually get? Most of our time “should” be spent outside of university and so therefore there shouldn’t be a need to find something to do during free time there because we simply shouldn’t have much of it. I would hope university is simply: get your classes done and then leave to do social stuff elsewhere.


I guess more lectures passed on by and we learned more about each course, got to know our lecturers a bit and also which books we didn’t need to buy; thus saving money ^^ I actually like my Discrete Mathematics lecturer; he’s an interesting bloke because he’s younger than the other Asian lecturers; and also that he has a lively attitude even though he spoke fairly fast. But at least he kept his 1 hour lecture from seeming boring, it was the only thing I stayed up entirely for.


I’m bringing packed lunch everyday now to save money. I don’t really want to waste money on the food at uni because it’s expensive and simply not worth it. Of course this adds extra weight to my bag but I guess that can’t be helped. We found the roundhouse a fairly pleasant place to sit and have lunch because there were large tables and chairs, few people, and also there was a small arcade in one small corner of the room.


Monday is by far my longest day and by my last 2 hour lecture I was really tired so I kind of fell asleep a few times, which was not good but at least the massive 450 person lecture on Accounting and Finance wasn’t all too informative for the time-being. Afterwards I caught up with Grace; funny because she lost her travelpass as we headed out for the bus and then I remembered seeing a train pass on the ground as we started walking. But there was no chance it was hers right? Must’ve been some person who threw away an expired ticket. But because I hate to see people losing money like that (travelpasses are expensive), we went back with that glimmer of hope. And by an act of God that ticket I saw on the ground happened to be Grace’s travelpass. A miracle first off because I noticed it as we left and secondly that no-one had taken it because about 10 minutes had elapsed since we left that place. That incident was rather interesting for a first day.


On the train back I happened to luckily meet up with all these Baulko people: Yitian again, Lillian, Alice and Angela. And then at Redfern, Christina got on and we all had a chat. Me and Lillian took another train along the Northern Line to get home; had a chat and yeah.


So that was my first day at university. A rather interesting experience I would like to learn off; hopefully I’ll be more used to the lifestyle as the week progresses. Probably should sleep now because it’s past midnight and I need to get to university in 10 hours T.T”


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