HK Chronicles: Part 2


Oh boy; the food in Hong Kong was great, heaps better than in Australia, and of course  much cheaper. I remember on the first day after I got there, I had ramen for lunch. Actually, it was spicy ramen, and it has got to be the spiciest I’ve had so far. Well it’s got to be; I mean it gave me a runny nose AND it made me cry, now that is hot haha. I ramen several times in Hong Kong; most places were good, others were dull. But price-wise, a $28 bowl of ramen is perhaps the best deal; it also came with some sushi AND a free drink. That’s a mere $5.60 AUD for all that, and the bowl of ramen was fairly large. Ah I’m going to miss Hong Kong for the food.


Apart from that obviously we went yum cha many times, mostly with relatives. Apparently, I heard from my uncle that some of the food in yum cha restaurants are now imported from Shanghai and stuff;as in the food prepared isn’t fresh. Hmm, someone can do research for me on that if they want. But yeah, there were a few times where the food actually wasn’t good, which is a shame, and it also does support the imported food rumour.


And also, the whole “tipping” thing is rather confusing and annoying now. My mum says it’s courteous to tip the waiter only if they present your change on a money plate; if they don’t then you don’t need to leave any tips. So I found it strange having to leave tips in shoddy restaurants which don’t deserve anything, and also not having to leave tips in huge restaurants because they didn’t use the money plate.


At home dinner wasn’t exactly great, apart from what my mum made. As explained in the last part, the  servant was rather annoying with food. Apparently she’s a Jew (everything makes sense now! Just joking) so she didn’t eat pork. In fact she didn’t eat anything, which is highly suspicious because over 18 days I don’t think she lost weight; very suspicious indeed.


I had pigeon on the second last night; that was nice haha. My mum was sort of petrified at seeing a dead roasted bird; I was slightly taken aback by it too but oh well. I suppose pigeon is halfway between chicken and duck in terms of taste and how hard the meat was. Yet there wasn’t much to eat since obviously the pigeon is small; actually kind of got sick after eating the bird because it finally sank in what I had just eaten then.




Of course one of the major reasons I wanted to come back to Hong Kong was to see my relatives. I haven’t seen them for 4 years now and particularly for my cousins younger than me, I wanted to see how much they’ve changed.  Most of my relatives are heaps older than me, my cousins on my dad’s side are like 30+, with my eldest cousin in mid mid 40s. There is obviously no equality with them and most of the time I think of them as a generation older than me rather than as people in my own generation. My cousins on my mother’s side are closer to my age. My eldest cousin is at 28, with a younger sister at 24. And then I have younger cousins at 13 and 9.


I saw all of my relatives more than once over the 18 days which was good.  The first Sunday back everyone (nearly) from my mother’s side all met up at my uncle’s apartment and we all had dinner. And this was my first chance to get a look at my cousins since four years. I guess the 28 year old one somehow didn’t look 28. He’s working in computing and yet even at 28 he doesn’t seem to be getting close to “settling down” in that sense haha. His sister was away in Beijing so I didn’t get to see her. All I know is that she’s a Hello Kitty maniac, obviously from all the posters and the plushies. My 13 year old cousin has matured massively since I last saw her; she’s still just as cute as I remembered haha. But yeah it’s interesting how she’s managed to develop quite an “open” personality so she’s pretty hype and sociable. But as I remembered she was a bit plump but otherwise she’s just as I remembered her. And her younger brother, well, I never really talked to him much but he’s getting taller pretty fast haha.


Apart from that huge dinner we had, me and my mum also had yum cha with his wife, my aunty on several occasions; I think I saw her the most by far. And then I met up with my father’s side for this buffet down at Wan Chai. What me and my mum didn’t was that it was my uncle’s (dad’s brother) birthday. So we were there and my cousins said “happy birthday dad” and we were like: “Oh, you serious?” But the buffet was quite good. Quite massive and all;. Oh and just for the record, I ended the buffet this way: To Sharon in particular, remember that huge bowl of vanilla ice cream I had at next gen? Yeah that one. Well after the huge dinner, imagine a bowl of ice cream that was like 50% larger than the next gen one. Now imagine all that as chocolate. And finally imagine it nearly swimming in chocolate topping. THAT was my dessert 😛


Funnily, the night after the buffet, my uncle from my mother’s side invited us out for an expensive dinner at an Italian restaurant, well Italian-themed anyway. The place was okay, and the food was average though considering how expensive everything was. But yeah I was more or less happy to catch up with my younger cousin, only because she was like the only person closest my age the entire time I was in HK T.T” But yeah she’s pretty cool haha, fairly popular unlike me xD Can’t wait to see her again like here in Australia. They’re rich enough to do whatever they want haha so she’s fairly powerful. She said to me like: “You know…the chicks are hotter here in Hong Kong…” and sadly I’ll have to agree with her. She helped me look for cosplay after we had dinner…in Causeway Bay…I don’t think so. But yeah it’s nice that she tried; and embarrassingly enough for me to say: “I want to buy anime costumes…”


Apart from meeting all my relatives, we were surprised to find that they were all giving us like red pockets even though new year’s was way over. And so that was how we funded part of our shopping; using the odd $2000 or so red pocket money to buy stuff haha. But overall I was happy to have seen my relatives again, and for them to see me haha since I am practically the only one here in Australia; unless you consider my other aunt, who now is kind of really messed up so she doesn’t count. I won’t elaborate on that here.


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