HK Chronicles: Part 1

Okay I’m going to re-type this post because I obviously didn’t do such a great job with that other post. Anyway I’ll progress in sections this time so things won’t necessarily be in chronological order.


The Plane Ride

Well we woke up at 6am to catch the plane at 9am ( I think). Anyway my mum was planning to pack because the objective was to buy as much as we could over in Hong Kong. But actually on the way back we were almost overweight for luggage and that was also after my mum decided to leave a few things behind. Oh well. Man customs is really dodge; takes ages for them to let through one person. And, oh my was I shocked; these Curry security guy pulls me over after I pass through the metal detector,hands me this card telling me that they’re going to search me for “explosive material” and that physical contact was involved. Also, if I did not cooperate I would not be allowed to proceed any further. Geez what the hell? they dabbed my palm and clothes with some cloth and then put into a reader of some sort, so there was no serious contact which was good. But seriously, stupid Curry turd; as if I’m going to bomb my fellow country, idiots don’t use logic. Why would a Chinese bomb a Chinese country? If anything they would be the ones to carry explosive material to Hong Kong. My mum reckons they took me in because I was a kid; and that was probably the reason.


The plane ride was sort of boring, actually I watched 4 movies in the 9 hour flight (we were on Cathay Pacific, yeah sorry, wasn’t Quantas). I watched The Mummy 3 (yep it wasn’t that great a movie), High School Musical 1 & 3 and then a Japanese film called “The Homeless Student”. I felt like crying at the end of both HSM movies, I don’t really know why. It was either the storyline was that interesting; or I was just depressed considering the way I watched those movies for the first time: alone and on a small screen on a freaking plane T.T” Anyway “The Homeless Student” I thought was a really good movie; quite touching and unique. Basically this junior high kid, his older sister and brother lose their house after their dad becomes broke; kind of funny how it happens. The door to their apartment is barred and all their stuff is lying around outside. Their dad comes back and is like: “Yeah, due to financial difficulties we don’t have a home anymore. Well I wish you all the best of luck for your futures,goodbye.” And he takes off on his bicycle. What the? But yeah after that the film revolves around the kid struggling to survive on his own. The reason he didn’t stick with his older siblings was that he didn’t want to burden them financially. And that is brave, to choose to isolate yourself from others in order to protect them. I can’t help but somewhat think that it is something I myself would want to do. Towards the end of the film it sort of gets to the point where he feels like killing himself, again so that he doesn’t act as a burden on his siblings. And I suppose there is a scenario where even I myself think suicide as a noble act; but yeah that’s just me haha.


The food on the plane was okay., had a beer and stuff, better than nothing I guess. The major problem was that everyone was always keeping their eye on the toilets. Sure, no-one was lining up because that’s kind of silly; but as soon as they became vacant people would rush out of their seats. Luckily I sat fairly close so it was easier to get to the toilets. The plane was a tad slow for take-off so we kind of got to Hong Kong slightly later than expected. It was much faster getting past customs in Hong Kong.



The Place to Stay

Well during Hong Kong I stayed at my new Grandma’s apartment up in Tuen Mun. The place was heaps nicer than her old apartment back in Tsuen Wan. For a start it was now far off from the ground (the 34th floor) so less noise from traffic can be heard at night, which is good. Secondly it was more spacious and cosier. Overall it was nice to stay in an apartment like that. Even the garden around the building was nice and all; quite a nice place to live.


However, there was one thing that was unpleasant during my 18 days there. My grandma has had some rather bad “servants” taking care of her. My mum said the servant before the one at the moment was really horrible; didn’t even feed my grandma haha. But anyway I only had a first-hand experience of the one now; and I can tell you I cannot begin to imagine what the first one was like considering how bad THIS one behaved.


She was Indo with a really bad Cantonese accent; an accent which annoyed the crap out of me over the 18 days but I guess that can’t be helped. But okay here’s the thing: she’s fat…like possibly obese even. Now let’s consider how that works. Well, people are fat from 1. a lack of exercise and/or; 2. eating  too much.  Okay so put 2 and 2 together and you get this: The new Indo servant is fat because 1. she doesn’t work and; 2. she eats heaps. What the hell? A fat servant in itself is an oxymoron yeah? How can such a thing exist?


Well like I said the stupid servant doesn’t work much. Well obviously since me and my mum came back, she has to put on an act and seem as if she was hard-working. But apparently my grandma says she’s normally lazy and all; doesn’t like clean the floor, or the furniture, or anything really…stupid dirty Indo w****. And also my grandma suspects she’s been scabbing money from her stash in the room; how else does she get money to go down to the market to get food? And I think she’s right. On the second last night before we came back, we had dinner with my uncle and his wife. So the servant took $200 HK to buy 3 types of meat and 2 fish. The two fish are like cheap cos they were small. Then she bought like a large chicken for $50 HK. And after the other meats she bought she came back with $27 in change. So that’s $173 for like 4 things;  which is $45 AUD. WHAT THE HELL! Seriously, how can anyone spend $45 AUD for 4 types of meat? And especially in Hong Kong. Funny as well, she didn’t come back with any coins of less than $1.00 denomination. And she was stuttering when my mum asked why. She was like: “Well…umm…you see…oh yeah…all the prices…yeah…they were all…to the exact dollar..haha…what a coincidence.” Oh please phony b****, you can probably physically :feed: African children that crap but seriously don’t try it on me or my mum.


Okay so she’s lazy AND a scam. But there’s more. She’s actually a huge snoop. Far out, even single time my mum was talking about family stuff with grandma, the servant would always be sitting down (cos she’s a lazy bitch), and listening attentively to the conversation. But then it’s because most of the time my mum was discussing the problems within her family/generation, like with my suicidal aunt haha, and she’d always be there listening in. I guess I felt like I didn’t have any privacy when I was living there. And her freakish snooping doesn’t end at conversation. Every single time after we come home from shopping; she’d snoop around at what we bought and stuff, making comments about whether this was nice or not; or about the price of it. Man she shoves her fat ass into everything we bought nearly. Especially when I got my new phone; man she fully jammed her fat ass crack into the little memory slot of my new phone. Okay sorry that was too graphic, but yeah I was kind of annoyed she wouldn’t look away and, simply put, p*** off.


And now more stuff has popped up. While she’s lazy, she actually hogs the TV remote sometimes. She actually flicks through the channels, adjusting the volume and everything. “Oi b****! Since when you did you mastery over the f***ing remote?!” I nearly caught myself saying once. But seriously why does she get to hold the remote? The only time I was strongly defensive of the remote was when anime was on. Oh hell no is she getting the slightest chance to change channels; I guarded the remote in a fairly vicious manner, it was noticeable I reckon if you watch carefully. And during some dramas shje’d comment really loudly and she’d keep commenting loudly. She wouldn’t shut up for some reason, so loud and disturbing. “Oh b**** shut the f*** up! We’re trying to watch the drama without you and your twisted Cantonese interrupting every 5 seconds!”


But seriously, this was a disgusting servant because she acted as if she was part of the family. She doesn’t deserve that status, she’s a servant for crying out loud! I don’t think she understands the chain of command and that’s fair since she’s taking care of a fragile granny; I suppose it’s easy to reverse the roles, which makes her a bad servant therefore. Ah man my time at “home” wasn’t that great because of her. The only nice thing she did was give up her bed for me, because I couldn’t stand sleeping on those hard board beds…my bones were bruised after the first night so she swapped over starting the second night. But other than that, she wasn’t very respectable, nor respectful. I heard she scabs money and uses it to buy stuff to take back to her family; very unfaithful and all. Oh well, she better be gone next time I return to Hong Kong.


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