Charlie gave me a late call on Sunday night and before I knew it, Monday morning we were heading down to UNSW to pick up our student ID cards. Don’t really know why Charlie wanted to call us out at 10am so early but whatever. My dad dropped me off at Hornsby while driving my bro to school. Funny because I saw Marcus from church as I walked back to the train station to meet Jacky from primary school. We loitered around for a bit up in Westfield because I needed to buy new headphones.


We caught an express train to Central and met up with Matthew, who luckily also caught the same train at Epping. And as usual Charlie was there, somehow always early despite the fact this time we were slightly early too, before 10am. Later on, Julian showed up, and then Jacky Murong. The 6 of us headed down to the buses, where Julian told us of how he’d actually just slip onto the bus without paying. Like for the ticket machine, you have to walk past the bus driver and then insert your card into that thing. But if someone paying cash stands in front then you can slip past without the driver noticing, although come to think of it, how do you avoid the stares of the other passengers?


Anyway we got to UNSW and then spent time walking all the way to the Matthews Building;it was actually quite confusing with Jacky M. leading us there with his map haha. The day was beginning to grow hot and already we were getting tired from walking around to nowhere. Eventually we got there, lined up and got our ID cards.


Now if you are careful at reading this (and not just skimming through), here is some details regarding this that you should probably know:


1. Head over to the Matthews Building and look for FM Assist or whatever; it’s on level two up a flight of stairs.
2. Line up in the queue until it’s your turn.
3. Ask for your student ID card and give them some sort of identification like your driver’s license.
4. They’ll ask you to sit down on a chair to take a picture for your ID card, just like at the RTA.
5. You’ll get your card then; it also serves as a concession travel pass for transport, only for one year though. You’ll have to renew your concession pass through some form over at the desks on the side,next year.
6. The ID card acts like ID cards from schools, accesses the library and photocopiers/printers, etc.


Afterwards we went sight-seeing. First we went to the library which was humungous!. The computers section was weirdly arranged; I don’t think we can game there haha. The computers are sort of like the ones at net cafe, they have a one-hour limit  for each session, which you simply just login with your the details you used to enrol.


We then went on to explore the rest of the library, which has 9 levels, even though the lift has buttons up to a “14th” level, which doesn’t exist so the button does nothing. Each level was filled with books, duh. It was an entire non-fiction library, each floor with like books for 0-11, then 100-200, something like that, then on-fiction code thingy. It was huge. Some floors were under construction so we had to walk up past them, or catch the lift.


When we got to the 8th and 9th floors, they were empty and under construction; so some of the guys decided to try and keep going stairs to get to the “14th” floor. Me and Charlie stayed back because they were heading up the fire exit stairs; and as I learned last time, the only door that opens is the one at the very bottom. The fire exit on the 9th floor was barred open so that’s why they considered that option. 3 minutes later the boys came back realizing they couldn’t reach the “14th” floor and then we took the lift back down.


Afterwards we went exploring at the book shops and other places that were open; weird shops all of them. And later we visited the sports centre and the fitness centre; wow so much stuff I want to do now. I guess after much consultation and thought I’m probably going to join the Soccer club and either the Basketball club or Tae Kwon Do club. Not so sure about the last two because Basketball is at night and I don’t really want to do Tae Kwon Do as much, though it’s at a very convenient time. But yeah a good time for me to pick up some sports I guess.


We also had a look at a list of “societies” or just regular clubs. There’s an anime club haha! I am so part of that =) Although my illegal J-Pop activity might negatively sway my position in that club.There’s a bridge club also, I’m there too. Kelvin join bridge club! Bridge partners! xD There were also weird clubs like for each subject that can be studied, like an Actuaries society, and a medicine society, etc. No point joining those random Christian groups listed, like the Catholic society, because we already have CBS haha! Wow so much stuff to be a part of this year at university alone T.T”


Well after that we left and had lunch at Chinatown food court. After that we went home. Yes I have a concession card now…no more stupid adult fares form, not that I buy adult tickets anyway =.=”


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