SMAC – February 1st

Well haven’t blogged on church for a while, and the last two weeks have been rather pleasant as opposed to some of the other randoms Sundays which were oddly sad for me. But anyway might as well since I won’t be at church for the next few weeks. Had a few church things on during the week, check last Wednesday’s post. Another hot day today and we had a few fans running throughout the hall. Luckily it wasn’t too hot, could’ve been worse.


Athena was set up for her first public Bible reading. The poor girl was quite anxious and slightly nervous, even if she isn’t going to admit that. Joked around with her a bit to lighten the mood up. I gestured her to move the microphone closer to her; but she didn’t quite manage to read that sign at first. Fair enough she hasn’t had enough time at the microphone to understand the mechanics of controlling it. But she did the reading rather well; of course that’s because she practised it a fair bit. I heard she rehearsed in front of Ling and other friends a few times. Well it’s good she pout in all that effort for a Bible reading, good commitment. And that’s why Kenny chose her to be the elite representative of year 10.


We started a new series on the book of Matthew this week. Shame I won’t be there for the next three talks on them; but nonetheless we felt it was best to start taking notes. And by we I mean me, Jess, Nat and Eva, who after “next generation” felt compelled to take notes for talks and sermons. What we learned at camp was that the talks did provide information that would help us write a Bible Study; or at the least provide information we could re-produce, and so we finally saw the benefits of taking notes. But before today, I didn’t really have anything against taking notes; I kind of didn’t feel there was a need to, but I guess it does help with our roles as leaders now. Had to buy a large book considering the amount of notes I manage to take for a 30 minute talk. Good practice for university lectures I can tell you that =)


After church while we were setting up for our monthly lunch, Donna brought back the topic of the two cans of “potion” she got for me while she was in Japan. They were basically like cans of soft drink; I don’t really know what’s in them but it’s probably some fizzy drink of some sort. Both cans are different and apparently if you mix both of them together, the drink turns clear; kind of cool albeit I didn’t want to open either can. Both of them were Final Fantasy-themed cans, one white with Sepphiroth and Cloud on one, and the other is black with Tidus, and some other character I’m not familiar with. But anyway the art and decoration on both cans is so nice I just couldn’t bring myself to open either can. They both look good as collectables so I’m just going to keep them as they are, just to look at haha. I don’t know; I really want to collect them the way they are, undamaged, but I guess yeah they’re just cans of drink so fair enough next time we have like a barbeque or whatever at church, I’ll bring them and show everyone since it’s only fair I guess.


And then for lunch we randomly went into discussion about the Child Protection course us leaders were meant to do. I won’t be there for it because I’m in Hong Kong; but it is compulsory for me T.T” So that means I’m going to have to do the course elsewhere, the next one Kenny told me was in the City in March, whatever. But anyway Donna saw Ally (Kenny’s daughter) crying and she was like: “Aww, so cute!” To which  Quentin replied: “Donna, looks like you need to take the Child Protection course…” Wow, never knew he had a dirty mind. And of course the topic shifted to that of paedophilia. So it would now appear that any chick that calls a baby cute or looks at them in an adoring way, then it makes them paedophiles haha! The logic isn’t exact although it is funny. Hmm, I mean would we ever think of Donna as a paedophile. She did mention something about all the babies in Japan looking cute, who knows haha!


Erica finally came back from Hong Kong herself this week; and strangely she’s gotten heaps taller; very strange indeed. It’s actually like she grew 10cm or something, I really don’t recall her bring so tall since last year. And now she’s clearly like 12+ cm taller than Donna. Last year Erica was only taller by a small bit, noticeable but not openly obvious. Oh and on that note about changes after heading overseas, Hanako, Donna’s homestay sister was claimed to have gained 8 Kgs while in Australia. Wow, is Australia really such a fat country? Donna said she didn’t notice it but then after comparing with the before photo she was shocked haha. And then there’s another claim that another Jap chick that came with Hanako at the same time then, picked up more than 10 Kgs in weight, wow. Scary stuff huh?


And now this week for church, there’s still that leader’s meeting on Wednesday I think, and then a forced youth group social on Friday for my group and Nat and Eva’s group, the so-called “Super Llamas”, what type of name is that?! Busy week ahead still just at church only before I head back to HK.


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