01. Consistency


“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)


Somehow it does appear to be true that we as humans do not like change. Of course we might not respond negatively to it – if change is for the better – but nonetheless we will cringe a bit when it comes to change. For me in particular I worry a bit about my transition into university; a change in lifestyle, in education, and the people around me. I cringe at the fact I am going to enter a new world that I’m unfamiliar with. But of course I’ll slowly learn to adapt to this change, everyone does; it’s just that initial few steps that seem scary.


Sometimes the changes we see are in the people around us. Maybe they start to act differently, or at the least in a way you don’t expect. And of course if it’s a good change you won’t mind and you’ll learn to get used to it. But if it’s a bad change you cringe at it and you get disappointed that someone has changed for the worse. But unlike the scenario I described above, there are other thins that change a bit more frequently. Particularly with people, we get annoyed at trying to adjust to how a person acts and sometimes for me it gets frustrating. For example if a friend were talking to you one day but ignored you another, then talked to you again, and so forth, won’t it get frustrating to guess how the person will act towards you next time you meet?


None of us like change in general. Although we will argue in favour of “good” changes and invite them more so than bad changes. But perhaps one of the things we might think is that “God is changing” when something bad happens, that doesn’t usually happen. Like for example a one-off bad incident that really leaves you going: “God, why?” Or perhaps we are faced with that friend situation in the last paragraph, where God is treating you “nicely” for a moment and then “horribly” the next and it just keeps alternating. Sometimes can feel like that, the “rollercoaster”effect. And we look at God and somehow cringe at Him because He’s being “inconsistent” with us. We don’t like change and we certainly don’t want to see God change in a way so that we have a negative view of Him.


But Hebrews 13 reminds us that Jesus and God are consistent throughout. He never changes, never. And because of that we don’t need to worry about God being “inconsistent” with us because He’s treating us the same every single day. So if God isn’t the one changing, then why do we feel like He is? Perhaps it’s not God changing, but instead it is us who are changing. Perhaps we are the ones acting “inconsistent” with God. Perhaps we change our attitude from God and expect a little more than usual and because of that, the normal things that God offers everyday are no longer satisfactory to us.


So if this is the case then certainly we need to change our attitude. Sometimes it’s best to just sit quietly and reflect on the past; to just remember what God has done for us in our daily lives and how we’ve felt about them. And then of course it’s also good to question yourself as to what will satisfy will and what actually seems “fair” to God. And perhaps what we can also do is to make sure we act consistently to the people around us,at least in a positive way. So it’s not like continue ignoring the people you don’t already talk to; but to be consistently friendly to closer people by staying in consistent touch with them. It’s always reassuring to know that you expect someone to stay in touch with you and so you’ll have something to look forward to at times.


And I guess form personally I would need to review everyone around me and just work out who I’ve kind of neglected over the last few months. I guess I’m not too aware of who I’ve forgotten probably because I myself feel like the neglected one by some people around me and that’s probably what got me thinking about this “consistency” topic. But I guess overall it’s good to try and be consistent like our God; consistently serving Him faithfully is one thing we find hard to do because of our natural sinful behaviour but that’s all part of the challenge of life, isn’t it?


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