next generation 2009 – Friday

Well last day and Thursday night’s sleep wasn’t too bad. I managed to wake up early somehow; probably because of wanting to get my timetable (or Jess’ timetable really0 done as soon as possible. And here is something really strange in the morning: Throughout the last four days at camp; I’ve been using the shower second from the left every single time; morning night showers, always that shower second from the left. I walked into the bathroom this morning and there were a number of people there; so I just walked into the far right shower because it’s the first one I walked past.


I look around to the soap shelf and I found a bottle of shower gel exactly the same as mine. Yes, I didn’t use a bar of soap at camp; it’s kind of disgusting because the bar of soap sort of gets yucky by the end because it’s being crammed into a bag rather than left to dry in the open. So there I was staring at this bottle of shower gel which was oddly the same as mine. I search my stuff for my shower gel and find that it’s not there. And then I stared back at that bottle of shower gel which was already there. It didn’t only resemble mine exactly…it WAS mine! Now how the hell did my shower gel get there?!


Okay I think there’s some foul play going on here; I am fairly certain that I took everything with me when I left the shower. If I hadn’t by some unfortunate mistake, my shower gel should still be in the cubicle second from the left, rather than this one, the far right cubicle. So how did my shower gel move cells, assuming that I did leave it in the bathroom for some reason? As if someone walked in without any soap and then wandered through all the shower cubicles, found my bottle and then took it back to the far right cubicle; that is an absurd thing to happen. Why wouldn’t the person who took my bottle just stay in that cubicle second from the left?


Therefore there is a very slim chance that I had left my shower gel there; which can only mean one thing: some turd from my cabin must’ve taken it. Well I’m sure none of Matt, Sam, Jason or Ken would’ve done it. So it had to be one of “them”. Geez you’re really pushing on my nerves if I find you take stuff from me without asking my permission; and then to make things worse, not returning it at all. At least I’d be less angry if I got it back in the end anyway. And I suppose for this scenario, I luckily found my shower gel back (act of God maybe), and so I don’t really have a reason to get mad; the end result is that I got it back, without having to yell at anyone. So yeah that was a really random morning which kind of annoyed me by that I didn’t have a legitimate reason to get mad anymore because I found my shower gel back.




Helped Jess with her timetable; she didn’t really have time for breakfast so she only had a bit to eat. Eva and Nat crowded around to help her pick the best times and by the end of breakfast Jess had finished picking her timetable which was good. I was to finished mine later that afternoon. But I guess I hadn’t really wasted anytime; I now knew how to apply and sort of knew the methods into figuring out which courses I need to enrol in so I had made progress since Wednesday night.


And that’s just about the only details I remember for the morning that were different from other days. Strand groups we spent the time going through everyone’s Bible studies. That’s all we did in the morning; kind of boring. But actually now I realize I might need to work on my Bible studies a bit more; I kind of went overboard with my study. My leader said it was too complex and fair enough, just looking at the questions and my answers to them, my study seemed more fit for like university and above people; man I don’t like “dumbing” down studies for little kids; I guess I really should try not to write Bible studies that are suitable for my personal level T.T” more work to do I guess.


after that had lunch and then we left soon after that. Didn’t really get a proper opportunity to say goodbye to everyone but that’s okay; our strand group agreed to meet up over FaceBook, although that’s still yet to be done, and yeah found a few more people over FB.


I think I’ll spare the details on the ride home; Michelle came back with us, interesting that she lives close to the rest of us…so many people in the Carlingford area dang; but oh well I will soon be able to visit them easily once I get my P’s 😛




Well I guess now I should do an overview of the entire week; it certainly was a lot of fun. Although I might not have learned an exceptional amount this year; perhaps next year will prove to be more challenging. I guess I found the morning talks on John’s gospel more informative than the evening talks on Genesis, and I’m glad to have ;earned that Jesus’ departure (a sad thing) is in fact a good thing because it allowed God to send us the Holy Spirit. So if we can somehow learn to view some sad things as good things, then I suppose we’ve just learned how to expand our thinking into other things in life. There are probably many more things that seem bad to us but yet despite that, it’ll have a good outcome and that just teaches us all to be more open minded and I’m glad to have learned that.


I was particularly surprised at how much notes I can take during a talk; both evening and morning. It was always at least one page, ranging from an extra quarter to an extra two-thirds of a page; that’s quite a lot for a half hour talk. I suppose these five days have inspired me to take notes down at church as well. I haven’t read back on the notes I’ve taken at camp although one day I probably will; and perhaps I’ll do the same with notes I take at church. That is why I think I’m going to just buy an exercise book and start taking notes at church say…when we move over to Cherrybrook Public School; beginning of March, perfect time to start. Actually, me, Jess and Nat were discussing this just on Sunday and me and Jess agreed it would be a good idea. Nat was being lazy and was like: “But I don’t want to bring a book to church…” Haha! Don’t worry we’ll make her forget that argument ^^


But apart from that I guess I saw more of my time at camp as part of socializing; and many people prayed throughout the week: “Thank you God that we could all come here to meet new people…” and that’s exactly what we’ve done. But more-so I guess it was also a good time for our church group to bond. I guess I do feel closer to the older people in our church which a good thing, even though I’m in this weird mood these days. But the fact that I could have so much fun with my friends despite my depressed mood just goes to show how well the week turned out for me in terms of socializing. I guess it’s always great to spend time with friends from church because frankly for us, we don’t get much of that time. Our church group could be so much stronger if we all just spent more time with each other, having more socials and whatever.


And where do I stand with Christ nowadays? I can sort of see how He wants me to serve Him for this year. I think I’m still helping out as coordinator for our church service, and on top of that Kenny wants me to lead the year 7 guys group for youth group; those guys aren’t exactly the easiest to work with, but anyone young is bound to pose some problems for teaching. But I guess apart from that, which is still a hard task already, I still want to help out at Soul Purpose, seeing as the year 11s aren’t helping out on the Junior’s side, leaving only our teacher to handle the 50 kids that turn up there. And besides I know a fair number of them, having been tagging along to help Kenny when he teaches scripture classes to them, so they know me too haha! But I guess from the looks of my timetable I will be unable to help this semester. And that’s probably what God wants for me. I think it’s better to let the year 11s do what they can; it’s their turn anyway so I guess I shouldn’t try to butt in on their work, it wouldn’t be fair that way. So for now we’ll let them run things through and for semester two if things start looking bad (since they’ll be doing trials and HSC) I might have to step back in then, so we’ll see.


Okay well that just about levels everything for my five days at Katoomba; great camp, heaps of memories; and of course getting that post-camp depression feeling from missing everyone and stuff. If I didn’t feel depressed then I’d know the camp was crap, so this time was not an exception which is good.



House Keeping

Okay and some final things I forgot to say throughout camp.


I usually have a theme song for every camp I go to; which sort of dictates the mood I feel at the beginning of camp, and usually at the end as well; and just coincidentally it’s always the song I’m into at the moment. So for this camp, my personal theme song will have to be:


“Velonica” by Aqua Timez




I will provide a link to a new page with the lyrics, translations and downloads as well once I get that sorted out. The translating took me a few hours today to get it right. But yeah it is a really good song; listened to it every morning and every night. Listened to it about 20 times throughout the five days so yeah. Actually funny thing is that I feel the mood of the song from the way it sounds yet I don’t know what’ it’s about because I don’t understand the lyrics. So now after having translated it it’s surprising to realize that the lyrics closely match the way I felt throughout those five days, rather interesting 😛


And now some random YouTube videos I found, relating to karaoke from last Saturday. Please watch the first one at least, you will go “wtf?!” or “haha lawl” whichever mood you’re in.


Bus Uncle – Extremely hilarious but has some coarse language. Kelvin you MUST watch this!


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