next generation 2009 – Wednesday

Alright Wednesday morning, well you know how it went for me if you read the end of the Tuesday post; yeah rough night. And once again the Caucasians in our cabin snored but last night somehow I sort of got used to it and I actually went to sleep; racked up about 6 hours of sleep, ignoring those moments when I went out to do my business.




Breakfast was bacon and eggs and some other stuff. The girls’ room were the ones serving breakfast today so we thought we could scab a bit of extra food but then Jess L was like “Hey you’ve already eaten,” in that whiny voice of hers when me and Matt came for seconds =.=” Shaz and Julz later took over and they weren’t much friendlier either T.T” Our cabin was going to clean up dinner for Thursday, kind of wished we had the chance to like deny them food to make it even haha; ah well.


Went through more singing and the talk again. Actually every day Raj brought up a new guest, though I can’t really remember them anymore, I just know that he did. It was good to meet them and all. This time in strand group today we finally learned that we had to do a Bible study and fair enough I wasn’t planning on starting mine at that time because I usually take about 30 minutes to write one up anyway.


Lunch was burgers I think, coated chicken patties with vegetables and stuff. Oh that’s right. Kenny had called us all up to meet for an all-Baulko meeting; which involved both present and past students. So it was us ‘08 guys and Lillian and Jess Y, the year 11s of last year; and then there was Aaron, Tracy and Sharon (not you Shaz). But apart from them we had randoms which we didn’t even know; must be from someone’s strand group; and then people from church sat with us because they’d have nowhere else really. We went around just discussing the past, present and future of our Christian group “Soul Purpose”. It’s present looks a bit bleak because the year 11 leaders aren’t as strong as we were. But yeah no choice we have to let them go; not even I can help anymore thanks to my stupid timetable for this semester, they’re on their own until maybe next semester.


We then split off into groups and prayed for Soul Purpose and then disbanded.





The seminar for Wednesday was “1 to 1 Ministry” which was talking about how we as leaders can actually just meet up with one particular Christian and well sort of “disciple” them by spending time with them and sitting down to read the Bible with them and all. We learned some rather important things about this type of leading. Anything 1 to 1 means it’s a relationship; so it’s like leader to pupil type, which means as normal, some boundaries need to be defined. Like for instance we should try to meet with our pupils in public and never in secrecy such as in the leader’s bedroom, etc. Yes we don’t want to drive our discussion to that area but unfortunately that can be a possibility if precautions aren’t taken; we’ve seen the Catholic priests thing before so yeah. For those who aren’t familiar with this, it’s simply just being a Brother/Sister-in-Christ with the other person; hard to explain I guess.


But one of the things we were warned was to keep same gender discipling. As leaders we sort of need to open ourselves to the other person so they know we trust them and hence they can learn to trust us too; and we also try to provide whatever moral support we can. So if it were a guy leading a girl; apparently the girl might seem deeply touched by the guy’s open-ness and respond in that way; and similarly the girl feeling vulnerable and needing protection from a guy drives the same feelings for the guy. And yet when these roles are reversed the dangers aren’t as high but still it’s there.


Our seminar speaker did say that it’s possible but still recommended us not to. I agree with him that we shouldn’t try to disciple people of the opposite gender but then the only reason for that is some people just give in to their emotions too easily. I believe I could disciple a girl; I wouldn’t fall for her in any circumstance if I remember my objective, which is just to teach and support. My heart has ached way too much in this world that “loving” someone is no longer something I am extremely capable of anymore; nevertheless there is still the danger of the other reaction from occurring. But then again it’s not like someone is going to fall for someone like me, right? I find it hard to believe. But anyway with those two possibilities in mind; I would actually try to find a strong-hearted girl to disciple if I could; one who isn’t going to let emotions get in her way. So in other words, I wouldn’t walk to disciple a weak-hearted girl because I believe that the heart gets in the way of the mind and you don’t think logically enough when emotions are involved.


Okay but just forget all of that seminar, it was great though. Afterwards in our free time Kenny decided to take our entire youth group to Leura and just chill out at a nearby park. Initially he wanted to take us to this fancy hotel for coffee and a good view but the hotel was closed for the week T.T” Anyway only Shaz wasn’t joining us because she was with her “Strand Group”; I put those words in inverted commas because it was partially suspectable as to who she was out with; rumours were passed around that’s why, not started by me though. Took a while to find some cold drinks but the one cafe we found that served cold drinks had no ice so we were confined to drinks like smoothies and iced chocolates; whatever better than nothing.


Something random was that some stupid little flying insect just decided to fly into my iced chocolate and die,; far out! I don’t know what happened. I saw it fly form the side of view and then crash land into my drink; so freaking random and annoying. I picked it out and finished my drink nonetheless; as if I’d let go of a $4.00 drink all because of something that small. We walked over to a nearby park and camped there to do stuff.


After a while Kenny came up with a game; which was basically spoon, the card game, replaced by sticks or large twigs which Kenny just gathered. Javier got injured after the first round, either from a stick or Patrick’s fingernails haha. Still it was a dangerous game obviously; Kenny, what were you thinking?! We later replaced the sticks with thongs and then added a variation where we had to play with our backs turned away from the thongs in the middle:


Matthew’s strategy was to simply dive backwards all over the pile when he saw people grabbing for thongs; that way he’d be assured to cover the entire pile and get at least one; cheap strategy yeah? Whatever, that’s what he’s renowned for.


After a while we decided to stop and just photos; heaps of fun




Take special note of Kenny in the last photo…weird.


By the time we got back it very near dinner.



Evening/Uni Offers

Well it was more singing and another Genesis talk. But what particularly interested us tonight was our university offers; man how anxious some of us were. I remember Shaz was fairly worried; but Matt was by far the most tense about his Medicine application. Man he was in an even worse mood than during the HSC where we could’ve poked him and stuff without him retaliating; man we could’ve like slapped him a few times and still wouldn’t be able to distract him from his worries.


Anyway 9pm came rather slowly but when it happened we were all excited and leaping to the dining hall where there was wireless Internet access; thank God Katoomba was useful for something. I grabbed Ken’s laptop from his car and got onto the Net before Sam’s laptop did. I forgot we were meant to use our UAC PIN so I got confused and let Sharon go first; she got he offer she wanted and she had that joy in her face that I don’t think I’ve seen before o.0” Matthew was overjoyed when he was accepted into medicine, as was everyone else who was behind him cheering him to see if he’d get such a high-end offer. I got my Commerce/Science offer no sweat so no worries ever on my part; as if I can’t get in with a crappy UAI of 98.20.


Poor Nat didn’t get her first offer and she spent most of the night contemplating between her two back-up options; she came to a conclusion and I was glad to see that she found her resolve and ended up being happy with her new choice. After all that excitement and celebrating; we tried to calm down with some Mi Goreng noodles that Kenny brought to camp. We discussed our results with other year 12 students that were in the dining hall as well. My concern at the moment was accepting my offer. I wasted no time in doing so and proceeded with my application; hoping to maybe select my timetable as well.


Had to call up my dad to get him to find my TFN and then I finished accepting my offer. Meanwhile, Jess was also determined to get her timetable done as well so I sat down with her and tried to get it done. More on that in Thursday’s and Friday’s posts. It was a hectic night and I stopped trying to pick my courses because I was simply tired from all the stuff that happened.


And there was night and there was day; and there was endless snoring, the third day.


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