next generation 2009 – Tuesday

Okay day 2 and as I said for Monday night, I had a really bad night with no sleep. So I woke up like minutes before breakfast at 7:30am and I was so dead I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast. I think it was our leftover pasta from last night and some toast; that’s about all I remember. There was cereal as well but I didn’t bother. What I wanted especially was the coffee; had a latte mixed from powder and also come coffee that Kenny brought; surprisingly it was more than enough to keep me alive for the day, so yeah, go coffee!


I think I’ll just run-down all the people I knew at camp:

EDIT: Probably wise to remove names of people; what was I thinking back then?!



Well the morning went normal. I woke up early dead tired and went for a morning shower; glad that they were few people in the showers after breakfast. First time I ever went for morning showers,I’m more conservative at home but I guess hygiene needs more work when you’re outdoors. Went through more singing and another talk in our morning session; nothing really special about them other than what I’ve mentioned in the Monday post.


Strand groups proceeded as usual; we pressed on in understanding John 14: 1-7, not actually knowing that we’d have to write a Bible study in a few days time. I never actually got to know the people in my strand group any better but yeah whatever I guess. And lunch was something or rather, my memory gets blurrier as the days pass by as I write up this blog; it’s Sunday night now and yes I’m slow because I’ve had lots of work to do since coming back from camp.




Our seminar/workshop thing for the afternoon was to do with “telling our testimony to others” so simply just talking to other people about Christ. Ah major sigh at the way the seminar was done. They basically went through that “Just Start Talkin’” DVD that we did at Crossfire like last term; they just re-showed that testimony chapter of the DVD; I remember that one fairly well. Anyway the DVD is done by none other than Colin from Play School and some random woman. And from video interviews, we learned that one of the reasons we don’t tell others about Christ normally is due to “barrier language”, as quoted by a Chinese woman; me and Julz cracked up remembering the first time we heard that. Anyway also met Lauren there, who was supposed to be in the Children’s Workshop but she said she might be helping at youth group more instead so she came.


Alright, at least in the afternoon we did something interesting; we, as in my strand group. Our strand group had an outing as did many other strand groups. Our leaders were planning on taking us to an “unknown destination” for “adventure”. Funnily enough we needed more drivers from strand group members so they sort of had no choice but to tell them where we were going; or not. We did a convoy thing so the strand group leaders would be in the leading cars and everyone else would just follow.


They took us to Sublime Point, which is past Leura (sounds like some Abo suburb haha!) Sublime Point was basically a small lookout point where you can see a bunch of mountains and all. What I saw could be better described as 森の海 “Mori no Umi”, a sea of forest and it looked rather mesmerising seeing all those trees like that. But anyway we were only admiring the scenery while Amy was hiding chocolate coins out like in the area behind us. So we spent the next 10 minutes after that searching for “treasure”. Actually when you think about it, having chocolate coins in 30 degrees temperature is not smart. By the time we found “most of them”, yeah we lost a few, they were all melting and icky and stuff; so we didn’t eat them.


Sat around in the little hut and had lollies and drink. We spent another half hour just chilling out. And then our strand group leaders pulled out all this cheap pirate stuff like swords and stuff. They had like two sets of Jack Sparrow wigs, which we gave to Jez and someone else; Elliot maybe? Can’t remember. Anyway the weird thing was that we had randoms that just walked by to the scenery spot and we all just pirate-growled at them with an “ARRR!” which just make them go o.0”. “Oh by the way, we’re Christians,” seemed to be the worst thing you could say in a situation like that.


On the way back Amy had to get her car door opened by the NRMA because she left her keys inside her car strange enough. So we waited around for the NRMA guy to show up and we watched him break into Amy’s car and open the door. Now I know how to do it too 😛 Your cars are all mine! Bwahaha! Here are some photos we took:




Thank you to Aaron’s camera.




The night went by the same as Monday. Except after the talk we only played Uno up until 10:30pm, half an hour earlier than last night. Julz and Shaz stopped to go to bed because they were dead tired on Monday. I went to shower and then came back to play blind poker. Hmm…I guess the coffee kind of kicked in until now to keep me awake this late. I don’t like blind poker because it always comes down to the luck of what your cards are, and the bluffing simply comes in the form of lying to your opponents. What makes it harder is that everyone can your cards except you, and likewise you can see everyone else’s cards.


We eventually started betting in the form of cups of water; and guys from school, I think we’ve found our “dare” as a punishment. Anyway it was funny to see people down like 2-5 cups of water for losing. The last round was between me and Douglas and I had pushed the bet to 9 cups of water, trying to bluff him out because he held an Ace and surely I held at least a King by guessing and card counting. I held a King alright but I didn’t manage to out bluff Doug so I lost and had to drink 9 cups of water. I was on my way to fulfilling my debt; I have no fear of my body exploding haha, I have no care for it at all, it doesn’t hurt. Besides I needed the water because I’ve been so dehydrated since Monday. Everyone went off to bed and I was trying to down my cups, or simply a full jug of 2 litres. I was down 500 mL before Doug was like: “Nah man just forget it.” Whatever.


Woke up at 3am to go piss; I thought the water would help me wake up early on Wednesday but surely not that early. Had to go pee again at 6am; dang.


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