next generation 2009 – Thursday

Okay Thursday and I guess I had a fair amount of sleep from last night. I tried to continue my timetable selection at breakfast but I didn’t get far because I was so confused at what courses I was meant to pick; there was no freaking list on the UNSW handbook telling us what we should be doing each semester. Can’t remember what breakfast was because I was too focused into my task at hand.




And there was singing, and there was the talk, and there was strand groups. By this time now we were given time to start putting our timetable together. I kind of felt guilty when I finished in half an hour and just sat there watching everyone else in my group doing it. I actually put a fair amount of thought into the passage as well so I don’t really think I had just lazily finished my Bible study quickly; it was detailed and thorough I thought.




We were setting up lunch today and we served I think it was lasagne and stuff. I didn’t really do much of my task in serving, other than lifting trays of food and all; I just know I ate a lot hehe. Oh right I forgot to add. On Wednesday we were shown a video of a strand group that was reciting a Bible verse in a rather strange but appealing way. Some group from last week shot a video where they were marching down some stairs and singing that army marching song but replacing words with a Bible verse. Some groups this week were trying to do the same; one of them being ours. We were thinking of using our pirate theme to our advantage, which I guess was a plus.


Anyway we went to our seminar first, having only lightly run through our plans at lunch. Our last seminar was about “The Life of a Leader’” and the speaker just went on with answering questions off the top of his head which was quite good of him. I kind of slept through it thought because I was just becoming more and more tired as he nights went by with more snoring.


But after the seminar we quickly got back into our group and we started shooting the video. I might as well jump to night time and just reveal how everyone went. Nat’s group did a Mission Impossible type skit where people were trying to get into the “Father’s house” but were denied access. Two guys would stand in front of a door and they’d flip the people who came by; even Nat got “girl-flipped” which was funny. In the end of theirs “Jesus” just came and quoted John 14:6. Their video was just too good for ours T.T” And yet Shaz’s group also did one; wasn’t quite sure what they were doing, it was just random jumping around and all and then did a fun active skit to portray their verse, no storyline, just randomness. Somehow they scored more cheers from the crowd than ours T.T”


Our group on the other hand was trying to build a story where we were sailing on a pirate shop and then a storm would come and then we’d chant out John 14:1 to the melody of “Row Row Row Your Boat”.Now that I think about it, our storyline wasn’t that complete and then we also had some weird bits to it which seemed irrelevant because we didn’t act it our properly. We could’ve I guess but oh well. And then we also had a bad camera; why use a camera on a phone? Anyway here are the photos, we had fun shooting the video though:




We didn’t have enough time because our video was due at 4pm and the seminars ended at 3:30pm sop we only had half an hour to film it.


Afterwards I wandered back to the dining hall where everyone else was; well nearly everyone else except those who ran off to the “waterfall” somewhere, even though no-one was allowed to swim under it; sure would’ve liked to though. Instead the people who were left were working on their Bible studies when I arrived. I was happy just to sit there and watch them work on their studies. I eventually had to give them mine because they asked if I had finished or not. I guess I “helped” them a bit through my study. Kenny came along and Matt like fully bombarded him with questions, asking Kenny for tips and all. And Kenny acted the way he normally would by not giving away the answers; fair enough he shouldn’t anyway.


Afterwards we started taking note of our conversation paths. We started off with the Bible study and then somehow got sidetracked into talking about how you can’t keep your tongue straight if you stuck it out; random topic and I don’t remember what came before it either. But after that Matt brought up the topic of the “Ether wind” or whatever, which they learned in physics and from there we started all these philosophical debates about how you can’t justify theories as proven or not because of alack of evidence for or against the topic. And then we also went on to discuss life after death, and about ghosts and wow, the conversation just went so out of hand from then on I can’t even remember what came afterwards. Oh yes, it was like time travel and how it can sort of possible; we also moved on to the topic of evolution; the start of the universe through the Big Bang and God and also how science and religion actually fit in harmoniously. We also debated about life on Mars and then oh yes something to do with the speed of light and time travel. Man I love these logical philosophical debates. Some people just zoned out because their brains burnt out from all the discussion, which was also some lightly heated argument. Matthew kept stepping on other people’s points which was kind of mean but hey he kept raising his voice and all and this was exactly the way we’d get into trouble during Ursino’s maths classes when it was me, Kelvin and Matt in the discussion. Ah yeah and I remember how Vanessa, Diana and Yanna would join in and we’d eventually get half the class participating in a non-maths-related discussion, before Ursino yelled at all of us in his non-yelling voice. Funny days.


Well the discussion ended when dinner came haha; so heated it made us all mentally tired.




Skip the night session because it was more or less the same. After that Jess seemed a bit distressed over her uni application so I sat down her and helped her get it done. But we both still didn’t know what subjects we were meant to do; she’s doing Commerce like me anyway. Well Jess told me her ‘rents were peeved at her that she hadn’t picked her timetable yet so I guess it’d be slack of me to take care of my own timetable first over her. We asked around and eventually this Jonothan Chow guy overheard us and helped us a bit. he pointed out the subjects that Jess had to do but I didn’t understand why he pointed at those particular ones; I had kind of wished he had known where they may be a list with the subjects we’re meant to do in the first semester. Instead he did show us this “cse rectangles” thing for UNSW where it auto generates a timetable for you from the courses you select which is pretty cool.


But other than that we didn’t make much effort that night and Jess kind of felt a bit more anxious. I guessed it would still take tomorrow to get it done so I kind of figured at that point I wasn’t to get my timetable done before I got home. But that’s okay; helping a friend always comes first no matter what. We stayed up so late I even couldn’t be bothered to shower so yeah tiring night and all; just collapsed smelly on my bunk on a hot night T.T”


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