Primary School Reunion (January)

Once again Grace managed to organise up a reunion for people from our primary school, particularly our year 6 class. And as usual we didn’t get the entire class. In fact our numbers have been small these last few times (probably because Tony keeps trying to drag everyone out to the middle of nowhere…). This time we decided to just go out to the city and do random stuff. Can’t remember who came or how many, didn’t bother counting but there were a few people I haven’t seen for the 6 years and I barely managed to recognise them.


Me and Matt travelled together on the train. I  don’t get why his return ticket from Epping was only a mere $2.80 and yet my single was already $2.50. Stupid CityRail. Matthew opted to get off at Central (though I don’t understand why he only wanted to travel that far. Town hall would’ve been a better stop because we were going to Hyde Park. So we made the long walk from Central to Hyde Park and got to that fountain at the northern end of the park at the time we were meant to meet at; 11am.


Not many people were there; of course there was the new-couple, Mark and Holstein; good for them. After a while more people showed up and we went down to the grass to play…Uno. A bit too passive maybe? Oh well. Eventually we decided to up the ante and add variations. Eventually it got to the point where we were playing Mao style and were also adding our own rules. Matt and Holstein both had random rules set in place. Of course, not intending to play Uno all day, I managed to finish and immediately added the silent rule which quickly sent everyone away in frustration. And that’s game. Also surprised that Steph arrived without that desire to brutally kill me in some way.


By then we had enough people. Oh by the way, as usual Tony arrived late; kept calling my mobile the entire morning giving updates and asking questions about what we were doing. Geez, why does he even have my number. But the thing that troubled me a bit was the fact that he had two piercings on the same eye and then an additional clip-on on the same ear; eww much?


One of Grace’s ideas was to play this weird exchanging presents game. Basically everyone was meant to bring a cheap random present (kudos to me, Matt and a few others that didn’t >.<”) Grace covered our gifts at the cost of a few $$$. Didn’t quite understand why each present had to be wrapped because first thing was that we revealed what each present contained. They were all random though so not much point going into detail about it. After that each person was able to shift a pair of presents around between people keeping in mind that presents can only move a maximum of  three times. So the watchful person would wait till a present they liked was moved twice and then they’d swap it with them self and then done. Slightly flawed but I was happy being able to cause chaos and making Tony end up with a book, which actually probably had the most value out of everything. I ended up with Steph’s home-made biscuits, some chocolates and some post-it notes. Ended up giving her cookies back because she got hungry in the afternoon.


We went off for lunch after all that; went off to umm…Central Westfield, grabbed some food and headed back to the park to eat. I guess food isn’t too expensive but surely I can’t keep spending it like this every single time I go out, if indeed I go out much these days. When we got back there were so many people at the park now and there became fewer spots with shade. But we still found a good spot and had lunch; a good long discussion which later became fruitless because then we were just sitting around unable to decide on what to do next.


But after much idling we started moving off to that weird art museum at Darling Harbour; huh, what?! But yes the museum was a somewhat odd place to go to and we were basically the only “kids” there. Funnily enough for me, there were a few pieces which I thought were nice and interesting; of course I wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate and understand the thoughts behind each piece of art so there’s no point for me trying to delve deep into


Don’t know what happened to Tony but he disappeared and then called me up while we were on the 4th floor. We were all a bit tired so we all sat down, and I pranked Tony by making him play hide and seek with us. He gave up 10 minutes later and started getting angry haha. I was determined to keep the game running because everyone thought it was funny but I guess some amusing things have to come to an end.


We left and it was still just as hot; and to cut things short, our group began to disband as we moved towards Central. But the time we had gotten to Capitol Plaza and decided to go take sticker photos, our group was reduced to 6. Now, the really lame part of the day was that it was everyone’s first time taking sticker photos, shameful yes I know. Steph always kept the irony that you never do end up looking like a Jap person in sticker photos despite what the sample photos look like on the machines. I personally have no idea how much time should be allocated to having everything done but I do know that taking the photo in the first place was hard enough as it was. Cramming 6 people in a booth is no laughing matter and on a hot day as today, it certainly is not fun. But after that Matt was running short of time so we tried to decorate the sticker photos as quickly as we could. Didn’t spend much time on it and so most of our photos weren’t really over-dramatized, which may have been the right thing to do. But yeah, you live and learn and it was fun.


Forgot how we disbanded as we went home after that but it ended up being just me and Steph on the train, although Matthew and Tony were also meant to be. But it was good catching up with her I mean after all, last time I saw her was on a hockey field and she was poised to unleash a psychotic swing from her hockey stick, scary days. But yeah when she’s in the right mood she’s not as scary as she used to be all those years back. I still believe she’s still slightly agro, just lucky not to see it today.


Future reunion next week due to lack of people coming? Maybe.


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