Bananas in Pyjamas

This is a random example of how the adult mind thinks too much into things, whereas children accept things at face value. Today we take the popular children’s cartoon/drama “Bananas in Pyjamas” into consideration.


Children probably never think about it, but if you saw a giant walking, talking banana in the streets, what would be your reaction? Man I’d be scared s***less if I saw something like that. And forgot just one of them, there are two walking and talking giant bananas; these can already be somewhat horror-movie characters. The innocence in children is somewhat blissful to the point that two giant bananas wearing pyjamas are not the least bit weird to them.


An adult could look deeper into these two characters. Noting that these giant walking and talking bananas wearing pyjamas have arms and legs, one would think it only possible through some sort of mutation. And then considering their names “B1” and “B2” probably suggests they were created in a laboratory by some third party undisclosed in the cartoon, as if there might be a production line of mutated walking and talking bananas wearing pyjamas that have arms and legs. And of course then you have their odd shape. Since when did bananas grow long and straight in a way that almost resembles a…yeah… “that thing”?


Looking closely at their personalities, it’s already strange to note that the bananas are always wearing their pyjamas. Are they pov? No, take a look at the first line of the theme song:


“Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs,”


If the bananas can come down the stairs then it does suggest their own at least a two-story house. So clearly these two bananas aren’t  exactly pov and we can credit their weird habit of always wearing pyjamas as a psychological issue. That’s okay, maybe giant walking and talking bananas with arms and legs have this sort of problem. And in a society like ours maybe we need to learn to accept their problems, although there is the problem that giant walking and talking bananas really do make you go: “Wtf?!”


Let’s take the next line of the song:


“Bananas in pyjamas are coming down in pairs,”


One of my friends once wrote that if Edward and Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist weren’t brothers, they’d make an ideal gay couple. Taking this case, what would the relationship of the bananas be described as? Maybe production line partners, if they’re mutated by the pair. And then thinking carefully again the genders of the bananas aren’t really specified. If you ignore the actors, “B1” and “B2” don’t really tell you whether they’re male or female, and nor can you tell their gender by their sex organs, if bananas in fact do have any." But on the whole it is possible to say that the bananas are like a couple, whatever their gender may be.


"”Bananas in pyjamas are chasing teddy bears,”


It’s clear the bananas have some sort of “teddy bear fetish”, why else are they chasing them? This isn’t like a dog hunting down a possum or anything, this is mere chasing and as we’ve seen many times the bananas never really do kill the bears, just merely catch them and well you can only guess what happens off-screen if the story did continue off-screen.


And on the topic of teddy bears, let’s turn our focus onto the three bears in the cartoon. We have Amy, Lulu and Morgan, two females and a male. Amy is a white bear, Lulu and black bear and Morgan a sort of Anglo-saxon looking bear. Hmm, rather strange again that you’d have three bears of various ethnic backgrounds to live in the same house. Again one can only guess what the three bears get up to as well.


But one does wonder why the bears never actually try to file a law suit against the bananas for sexual harassment. Like seriously:


“’cos on Tuesdays they all try to catch them unawares!”


The bears are putting up with the same bulls*** every week from the bananas; being “chased” and then harassed. Unfortunately there isn’t much choice than to read “chasing” as a sexual connotation. And with their cul-de-sac named “Cuddles Avenue” there’s more than enough evidence to suggest unethical sexual practices take place in such a weird place. Frankly I wouldn’t want to have neighbours “chasing” me every Tuesday; why do the bears stand up to these shenanigans? Of course maybe the bears want to be chased which makes them just as bad as the bananas having their weird fetish. There’s no need to expand on this I think.


And finally we turn to our last character “Rat in a Hat”. First off again you get the reaction: “WTF?! It’s a giant purple talking rat!" KILL IT!” Which is why we now see giant novelty size mouse traps these days. Obviously again the Rat in a Hat is another product of mutation, both in size and colour. And clearly his hat is not important because it’s just there to make it rhyme. They could’ve always named him the “Rat with a Bat” with obviously that leads to a trigger-happy character which is not suitable for children. But the hat hardly has any significance nonetheless.


The rat as we all remember is a scam artist; running a store with shotty products and also various services that simply cheat the bananas their money (not that they need it since they already have a two-story house). But perhaps the rat is a character which can easily be read because there’s nothing hidden in him, he’s simply a fag.


So there you have it. A cartoon that isn’t exactly the same as it used to be once you put your adult mind into it; and once again there is evidence for the statement “ignorance is bliss’”.


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