What About Gays?

This question dates back a while but I thought that I would take the time to answer it because in truth: What about gays? Why is it that these certain people seem to have no control about their future? In Leviticus 18:22 it says: "Do not lie with man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." So we all know for a fact that the Bible teaches against homosexuality. Now let’s look at why homosexuality is a problem for people:

Although I have no scientific knowledge about homosexuality, we can all agree that the underlying force that makes it apparent is "love". Homosexuality is the "love" of a man for another man (or women for other women). We can also agree that "love" is not an emotion that we as humans can easily control. If you love somebody then it’s somewhat hard to force yourself not to love. Love is like any other emotion. If you’re sad then you may cry. Some people can’t refrain from crying when they’re sad. When you’re happy most of the time you can’t stop yourself from expressing that happiness, like through laughing or smiling. The difference between sadness and happiness is that we tend to try and hide our sadness and yet we freely express our happiness. Well isn’t love also considered a "positive" emotion? We, too, will also freely express express our love for someone. It’s not like we’re going to try and hide it or force it away. Love is a positive emotion.

Having said that, it means that for people who are gay, it becomes difficult for them to not show it because after all love is the underlying emotion behind homosexuality; it’s just being directed at the "wrong" people. So what can gay people do about it? If in truth being homosexual is a sin (and death results from sin), then it would appear that gay people are destined to die. That is the view of someone who questioned the future of gay people in God’s plan. And in this view it would seem that gay people are going to "go to hell" because it is difficult to control love.

How do people become gay?

I read somewhere that homosexuality is genetic. Fair enough, we always need a scientific explanation for everything in life. So for now let’s assume that homosexuality is hereditary. Now most of us high school students should have by now learned how genetics work. Two genes (one from each parent) mix together and then determine one of the characteristics of the child. Now I don’t know what the "gay" gene is but obviously at least one parent must carry it and it must mix in with another gene to make the child gay (whether recessive or dominant). So what is the chance that someone is going to turn out gay from their genes? 10%? 25%? 50%? Well the percentage doesn’t matter. All we know is that there is a chance that the child can be gay. So what constitutes chance then? Let me use an example:

You have a dice in your hand and you want to roll a certain number. Just a regular dice, no tricks. Mathematically speaking you have a 1 in 6 chance of getting that particular number. But there are other factors that influence the number you roll out:

1. Gravity – Gravity plays a roll doesn’t it. Greater gravity will make the dice fall harder and bounce on the surface harder etc. Some other physics-related principles.
2. Force – You can always roll the dice with a different force. Maybe if you roll it lighter you’ll get a higher chance of getting the number you want. Or roll it with greater force.
3. Surface – The type of surface could always determine what number you get. One that’s slippery or grips. One that has many dents in it that could affect how the dice rolls on the surface.

Well apart from those things there are other factors that influence what number comes out. You can control a few of the above but ultimately you won’t know what number is going to come out. You don’t know whether or not rolling faster or slower will increase the chance of your number coming out. Even if you control a few aspects, you can’t 100% control the outcome. There is another force at work behind what you roll out with a dice.

People call this force "luck" or "chance" and things simply "happen" because "they do". There is no explanation to why it happens. But like I said in an older blog, these factors which we can’t discern give evidence to God and so systematically it is God behind the scenes who is influencing the outcomes in things in life. But hang on why would God have time to influence what you roll with a dice? Like in a game or something? It’s not important so why would God bother making sure you roll (or not roll) a certain number?

Although God is everything and in everything, he passively controls some of the minor things in life I believe. God created gravity right? And all the other factors that affect what you roll with a dice yes? So therefore I believe He would be "passively" influencing the outcomes of minor things. So in the same way God is also influencing the genetic characteristics of people. But we have to remember that God does this directly, not passively, because creating a human being (in His image) is a lot complex than simply rolling a dice: the outcome is much more significant.

So why would God "choose" people to be gay?

There is no doubt about it. No matter what science has to say we know in the end that genetics are ultimately more influenced by God than anything else. He has the last say in what features each person has. So when God "makes" gay people, does that mean He is like giving them a death sentence? After all, since leads to death and being gay is a sin; so being gay means death? That doesn’t sound fair does it? People have no control over whether they are gay or not and then boom! God says a person is gay and they are destined to die.

When someone tells you that you are going to die, it’s not a good feeling because you know that there is nothing you can do. All you can do is simply wait till you die. That’s not fair is it? So why would God make people gay if He wants to save everyone? Isn’t He killing them before they were even born? That doesn’t sound like the God that we follow.

My first point against this claim is by asking the question: "What constitutes sin?" Isn’t sin anything that is unrighteous in God’s eyes? Isn’t being gay just ONE sinful thing? There are many other sinful things in the world that cause death, being gay is not the only thing. But yes alright being gay adds one more sinful thing on and sometimes it only takes one more to tip the balance. But in our lives we sin heaps and heaps. We sin countless times. It says in the bible (someone please help find the exact location) that if a person breaks one law (of the ten commandments) then he is convicted of breaking the other ones. No matter how big or small sin is, it is still sin in God’s eyes FULL STOP. There are no "but"s no "however"s, just simply sin.

If people are convicted of being gay then fair enough. But remember that we are in no better position. We might not be gay but we are also convicted of other sins. And who’s to say that gay people have sinned more than us non-gay people? Just because we aren’t convicted of being gay, we might be convicted of sins that gay people haven’t committed. Some gay people have never killed people before so what are they going to say to murderers? "Oh I feel sorry for that person because that guy has murdered before; I’m much cleaner than he/she is."

"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." – Romans 3:23. Regardless of what we are, gay or not, we have still sinned anyway. Neither group of people are better or worse, we are all equal.

My second point is that gay people can still change their ways. When we love others, that love can break if we get hurt enough and stuff. Most of us are probably not those stubborn people who are only ever going to love one person in our life and then just cling on to that person even if they don’t love us back; that is unheard of. Gay people too have a chance to change. Giving up sexual desires for people of the same gender may be hard but then God has his ways of dealing with them. Now I’m not saying that God WILL change gay people. I’m saying that IF God wanted to save gay people THIS WAY, then He will do it. Who can say that a gay person can’t change? It may be hereditary but it’s not like a physical condition that you can’t shake yourself of.

Homosexuality is a psychological thing; it’s like mental trauma and stuff like that. The world has rehabilitation centers for people with all sorts of psychological problems; aka nut houses. Gays CAN be rehabilitated to be straight, and usually it helps IF the gay person wants to be straight. The biggest help in ANY change is being committed to it. This is just like conversion. People become Christians because they WANT to believe.

My third point is that homosexuality is just another form of sickness. What about other hereditary diseases? What about other psychological traumas? There are diseases that give people a hard time in life. I myself have a VSD (Ventricular "Something" Defect). This is essentially a hole in the heart which allows blood being pumped out of the heart back into the chamber bringing the de-oxygenated blood. This means that my heart has to pump extra blood in order to bring enough to the rest of my body because some of it backflows. Now you tell me what I’m meant to do with that? In my early stages as a child, I had serious asthma and stuff and I was really sick as a little boy. I couldn’t do many physical activities due to my heart condition and even up to now doctors say my hole will never close up.

Luckily for me, and praise to the Lord, my hole has closed up over the years and at this stage it’s small enough to not have any major impact on me. I can do any physical activities that everyone does. I’m pretty sure I don’t have asthmatic attacks anymore. Haven’t had one for 10+ years I think. But perhaps no-one understands the seriousness of my problem. I could’ve died at a young age had my hole gotten larger. Now you tell me if that is fair or not? Having to die at a young age and not being able to control it? My situation shows that God can change bad things back to good if He wants to; and He did for me. He can also do the same things for gay people.

But alright mine is a physical sickness, and as I said before being gay is psychological. Well there are people who start off fine and then pick up psychological sicknesses over time. It can happen both ways: start sick and end healthy, or start healthy and end up sick. But the thing is that there are people who become traumatized against God that they simply stop believing and then go against God. I have heard of people who started off Christians but then because of some incident, they were psychologically changed and then they rejected God. At the rate they are going, they will probably die rejecting God. Now is that fair? So start on the right path but then at the end die a rebel? They can say: "Hey God I started of good but then stuff happened and I ended up bad." But isn’t God just going to go: "Nope, sorry. In the end you disobeyed me."

There are clearly worse situations than being gay and just because people are gay it doesn’t mean that they are already lost. There is always a way to redeem people to God, regardless of the situation. So people who are gay are not in the worse position in front of God; we all stand at the same level. Being gay isn’t the worst sickness, they are many others that yield a much worse result. Gay people CAN be saved, there are many ways that it can happen, plus many more from God. So don’t ever go: "What about gays?" because in truth:

What about them?


12 thoughts on “What About Gays?

  1. you could get flamed for this. that is if anyone actually read the entire thing. if homosexuality were genetic, that would make it a tangible, physical condition would it not? i can understand for if homosexuality were psychological if could be forcibly changed, but can a higher being actually pick out individual from millions and go "here you go, I\’m going to make you straight now"by the way, what do you think about people who\’ve surgically changed their genders? is it still considered homosexual if a man became a women and happened to like men as a new woman?

  2. And another thing. If Leviticus says that homosexuality is prohibited, then doesn\’t it also say surgery is also prohibited? in leviticus 21:5 it states: "They shall not make
    baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their
    beard, nor make any cuttings in their flesh."what does this mean? leviticus: 21:16  And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,    21:17 Speak unto Aaron, saying, Whosoever he be of thy seed in their generations that hath any blemish, let him not approach to offer the bread of his God.    (21:16-23)God can\’t stand the sight of handicapped people.The blind, the lame, dwarfs, people with funny noses or blemishes, with damaged testicles, or broken hands or feet, crooked backs, or who have scurvy or scabs, or who have anything superfluous must not approach the altar of God.What the Bible says about blind and handicapped people21:18 For whatsoever man he be that hath a blemish, he shall not approach: a blind man, or a lame, or he that hath a flat nose, or any thing superfluous,21:19 Or a man that is brokenfooted, or brokenhanded,21:20 Or crookbackt, or a dwarf, or that hath a blemish in his eye, or be scurvy, or scabbed, or hath his stones broken;21:21 No man that hath a blemish of the seed of Aaron the priest shall come nigh to offer the offerings of the LORD made by fire: he hath a blemish; he shall not come nigh to offer the bread of his God.21:22 He shall eat the bread of his God, both of the most holy, and of the holy.21:23 Only he shall not go in unto the vail, nor come nigh unto the altar, because he hath a blemish; that he profane not my sanctuaries: for I the LORD do sanctify them.21:24 And Moses told it unto Aaron, and to his sons, and unto all the children of Israel.I love Leviticus.

  3. Ok fair enough. Now Leviticus is an Old Testament book. THere\’s a lot of stuff like altar offerings and like what animals are needed to sacrifice etc. But there are some things in the Old Testament that no longer apply in today\’s society. Like ou won\’t see people carving up animals to like barbecue over a flame in a church; stuff like that. The verses you quoted up there (or below) don\’t really apply to us anymore today.
    This is because we follow the New Testament which is being saved through Jesus etc…Anyone is allowed to approach God, regardless of what they look like or who they are etc…there are no restrictions with who can become Christian and suff.

  4. i skipped most of it after the word \’Bible\’ but i get the general gist.I love christians. So accepting of people\’s choices and so quiet about their opinions (dripping with sarcasm).The part like about the Bible is the part where you can choose which sections to use in arguments and the other part where you can choose how to interpret things. It\’s a very good debating tool.I love the part where you pride yourself on being accepting about people\’s choices, and then turn around and try to convert them. Very touching, you not wanting us to go to the 6th level of hell… or is it the seventh?…Personally, people\’s beliefs should be kept to themselves. Humility is supposed to be important, isn\’t it? Of course, your argument for being evangelical is that God wanted you to save as many people as possible, and that you dont want them to go to hell. If people choose a belief or lifestyle that sends them to hell, so be it. Just be nice to the gays while they\’re still on Earth then, when you\’re in heaven and they\’re in hell, you can gloat and say \’Too bad, i\’m in heaven, you\’re in hell, haha\’.

  5. i skipped most of it after the word \’Bible\’ but i get the general gist.I love christians. So accepting of people\’s choices and so quiet about their opinions (dripping with sarcasm).The part like about the Bible is the part where you can choose which sections to use in arguments and the other part where you can choose how to interpret things. It\’s a very good debating tool.I love the part where you pride yourself on being accepting about people\’s choices, and then turn around and try to convert them. Very touching, you not wanting us to go to the 6th level of hell… or is it the seventh?…Personally, people\’s beliefs should be kept to themselves. Humility is supposed to be important, isn\’t it? Of course, your argument for being evangelical is that God wanted you to save as many people as possible, and that you dont want them to go to hell. If people choose a belief or lifestyle that sends them to hell, so be it. Just be nice to the gays while they\’re still on Earth then, when you\’re in heaven and they\’re in hell, you can gloat and say \’Too bad, i\’m in heaven, you\’re in hell, haha\’.

  6. What. So Jesus doesn\’t love gay people? That\’s nice.

  7. Ok, none of the other bibles mention homosexuality do they? If Leviticus doesn\’t apply to modern life why don\’t you pull up an extract from a more applicable edition?

  8. look everyone, jason doesn\’t have all the answers. he isn\’t the perfect man … Jesus was. look, i dont\’ care what anyone says about homosexuality.
    i just know that Jesus loved everyone, and that\’s that for me. He loved everyone and i should too. end of story.
    He welcomed all people: tax-collectors, prostitutes, women [who were considered second class in those days], beggers, children [who were told not to bother Him]. you name it.
    remember, "love never fails, because God is love. "
    and i dont\’ think any serious Christian would ever say \’haha i\’m in heaven, yo\’ure in hell!\’

  9. oh my god this is so mean
    this is based  on the assumption that god is the one and only true entity
    but with that assumption aside, where is the benevolence when man is not able to express free love
    whether it be a man or woman it is still love and god condemns that
    god condemns the passion of life
    god condemns his children just because they are capable of love
    this is very confusing
    and no, homosexuality IS NOT A DISEASE
    it is not something that can be diagnosed
    it is not soemthing that can be brainwashed in fascist christian camps
    it is simply a choice
    it is a decision
    it is not something that can be cured
    as it is not an impairment of love
    if anything it spraks it more
    you cannot boil homosexuality down to being a way of coping with trauma, while that may be factor
    it is certainly not one that you shall have authority to condemn
    and if per chance that homosexuality is from the influence of god, then we can all say it is gods work
    but to know that you perceive this issue in a very shallow manner is very disturbing
    so if and i emphasise if, god decides to flood the earth again, will that mean there will be homosexual cleansing
    then god has murdered his children in that occurence
    the bible are gods words, and selectively accepting a few phrases and ignoring some, isnt that ignoring god words
    then that can be labelled as blasphemy
    however, i too that is a very shallow analysis
    as it is basically analogous to your views where you perceive it as something that is black and white
    something that is curable and something that is debilitating
    i hope to see a rainbow after a flood, a flood that will wash this earth of this sort judgement

  10. maybe people would read this and think i\’m naieve. i hope they\’ll think i\’m right. i\’m being upfront here. i hope you guys woudl think i\’m right in this:
    why can\’t we just love each other.
    as little judgement as possible. open to ideas. not being sarcastic [cos that just whittles down other people\’s admirance and openess to your arguement]. not being black and white about life, because nothing in this world is black and white. our language isn\’t. our personalities aren\’t. our society isn\’t. our history isn\’t [though it may look it if we\’re inexperienced with history and we just sweep our eyes over the course of history]. our future certainly isn\’t shaping up to be.
    and certainly, God, forever everywhere, is not.
    and another thing, forgive each other.
    christians and nonchristians alike.
    if we sort things out like that, then .. then.. maybe we\’ll remember that God is a loving God. [\’God is a loving God? i dont\’ think so\’ but slip it in Joe\’s box outside the ex-student study rooms or chat with him and he\’ll really connect with you and he would really like to discuss stuff]
    of course i\’m saying it from a Christian\’s point of view [why do i feel like apologising?]
    from a nonchristian point of view [yes, i CAN slip into those shoes] i guess i would feel that i simply can\’t be bothered with what was typed above. i mean, everyone has a right to express their own opinions and what they believe is right or wrong, and to not express that would be kinda like oppression, which would lead to all sorts of fury and hatred and revenge and so forth. which is basically normal human life. somehow, we just like conflict [dramas have it, gossip thrives on it, etc]
    but the thing is, before we get all blown up about this: just… calm down. i\’m not asking for you to be perfect. i\’m not telling people i\’m perfect. when i ask you to do the things above, i ask of you to just focus on the better things, the more EFFECTIVE things, then the stuff trailing behind will gradually losen its grip and fall off, or it would fade into something better.
    a quote
    \’be like God- not God-like\’
    which hopefully i have vaguely expressed.
    and the thing is, if Jason is wrong about being gay being a sickness, then in the end, the idea would fade to something more right/better or just drop off, if he focused on being like God.
    if Jason is right, well, we still all have a right to object and discuss. but why can\’t we be kind doing it?
    and if in the end, noone can decide whether the idea is right or not, check out the bible yourself [no its not a trap. i say it in all sincerely. forget your assumptions. christians aren\’t hiding there to jump out and clamber all over you. focus on the new testiment and Jesus\’ love.] or go to joe or some other person you think could clear up your anger or your doubts.
    please, please noone simmer over it, cos in the end, where do we go from there?

  11. Just remember people that this is a Christian belief. Whether you like it or not, it\’s still there. Whether it\’s the truthor not is not for me to say. But if you take Christianity and God as truth the THIS applies. If you don\’t then to you it doesn\’t apply. Many people find God "unfair" because of laws like these, and that is acceptable. I\’ve thought about the topic over the last month or so. I don\’t really have anything to add but of course there are a few thing correct in this list of comments.
    At Russell: Our goals have changed. Our job as Christians isn\’t to convert whoever we see and stuff That\’s not how it work. Remeber God gives us the gift of free choice which is what makes Him so wonderful. With free choice, you can CHOOSE whether to follow Him ornot. You can choose to, or you can choose not to. Out job is simply to make tha choice clear to everyone, so at least they hathe chance to. Of course we don\’t force people to convert otherwise that isn\’t free will. We merely make the fact that the choice nee be made otherwise everyone is going to complain in the end: "Hey I get that chance."
    At Vanessa: I retract my statement on the Old Testament having no meaning on us today. It serves a purpose. Although the exact and technical rules don\’t really apply, they d in the New Testament. And they are covered fully in much fewer commandments than those listed in say Leviticus. 1. Love your God with al your heart, mind, souetc. and 2. Love your neighbour as yourself. Although there\’s only two big ones, they do cover everything if you think about it.So for homosexual behaviour, yes it does fulfl the second commandment: love yor neighbour…butdoing so isn\’t lovingGod. You would be using your bodies in a way that God doesn\’t want you to. Many other laws in the OT can be applied in a similar way but it takes a fair amount of thinking and interpretation. This is light information so don\’t take it word for word so directly, it\’s a larger topic.
    At Sacred: I don\’t think you\’re taking my analogies in the right way. I don;\’t blame you. I\’m usually bad at using analogies. But at that "Homosexuality is a sickness" I mean that in terms of "not right". It is no different from full on murderous people, and don\’t anyone start comparing the two. I\’m just saying they are all classified as \’bad\’ without considering which is wrose, that doesn\’t matter, I already explained that. It is binary, it is black and white. YOu might see something in between but that\’s only because it\’s hard to classify which side it\’s on (black or white) and trust me, everyone\’s judgement is not perfect and God can\’t blame us for misjudging things. And this is a whole different topic, which I promise I will write a book about later in my life. The point is God will punish gay people because He is righteous. Don\’t think God is murderous or anything but He has to keep His own laws. I\’m not sure if I\’ve posted a blog on this or not yet but God punishes because people refuse to follow Him. He can\’t put them in heaven cos that;\’s not right. And He can\’t keep them living because they are so rebellious. We might not act it at times but even  slightly sinning is rebelling against GOd, even if its\’s not directed at Him. Besdies, who are you question the mind of God? No-one can. There is a reason for all of God\’s actions but we simply don\’t have the answers, only He does. So if you say God is unfair, I can tell you no, but I won\’t be able to give a close-ended explanation.

  12. Homosexuality is not an illness.What I find confusing about Christianity is the polarization in it; particularly in terms of sin.What may not be right, doesn\’t necessarily have to be Wrong.People describe \’love\’ as unconditional. If God were Love, would he not love unconditionally?DESPITE \’defects\’, \’illnesses\’ and \’sexuality\’?And to quote you, "What about gays?"What makes them different from the rest of us?According to you, a few meaningless words in a book, written thousands of years ago.

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