Origin-Less Concepts

This is simply more information about the world that suggests God. I won’t use the word "prove" since no physical evidence can do that. But there are things in this world that could not have occurred "naturally", whatever "naturally" actually means. Take for example the concept of mathematics, in fact that is probably the only thing I’ll be talking aobut, except there are many branches under mathematics that really stumps the world.
First off, where did "time" come from? Or more precise, "where did our ability to measure time come from?" If you were asked to measure a minute you’d pull out your watch or a nearby clock and simply count away 60 seconds until the minute has been reached. If you were asked to time 1 second you’d simply point to that clock/watch again and time the 1 second. But how would you calculate time exactly (to th second) without using a clock? You can always count time like by mouth and human timing but then at some stage perhaps after a few minutes or so you will begin to be less accurate with time and you can’t be expected to subconsciously track time. Back in the earlier times people have sundials to at least work out hours, that’s fair enough the fact that they can measure an hour. Today our technology allows us to measure even smaller particles of time. But where did it all come from? Certainly there must be an origin to "timing". But is there really?
The bible’s first teaching of time came from Genesis, where God creates the world in 7 days. Time was measured in days then. But what is a "day"? We call it 24 hours, or 1440 minutes, or 86400 seconds. But what is the most raw unit for measuring time? There is none. Why is a second "that" specific amount of time? We can’t even describe time physically. Why couldn’t the day consist of say 100 hours so then metrically we can tell how much % of the day has passed? The way we measure time today is because of how God has made the world. He has set for us the unit for time. On our own it is impossible to measure time, what would you measure it with? I mean like if you started with just the one day and you timed it and all, how would you get an hour? You can’t "halve" a day because the sun is always in different positions everyday, and it’s not guaranteed to ever be in the same spot ever in a million years. It is impossible to work out smaller units of time on our own but God has set us ways to measure it and so we acept it, but fail to acknowledge that it was He who gave us the ability to measure time.
Or consider physical measurement. Where did "metres" and "kilometres" and "centimetres" come from? We can see that it is partially possible to convert to inches but then where did "inches" come from? The origin for measure of distance is also unknown. THe first biblical account for physical measurement is when Noah built the ark. God gave him specific lengths for the sides of the ark and the hieght of doors etc. But just how did Noah measure these lengths. They didn’t have rulers back then. So like in today’s context, if you were acsked to measure out a metre without anything, what can you use? Nothing. Without a ruler or another device you can’t work out a length. But then how did Noah do it? How did Noah measure length? He didn’t because God was the one who set out specific measurements. He "showed" it to Noah and hance also "showed" us what a metre is, or what an inch is. No-one has invented measurements and no-one intends to create another system because they can’t. THe source for measuring distance comes from God  as well.
And then consider volume. What constitues a "litre"? what constitues a "cup", or a "teaspoon"?Once again you can’t be expected to measure any specific amount without the aid of a measuring device. Man is not going to design a new method of measurement and even if they did it would be based off what we already have. But where did it all come from? There is no way that man could’ve "invented" the litre or any other form of capacity measurement because it’s already impossible to produce any specific amount without using a device. Someone else must’ve brought upon the units for volume and that greater being has to be God, there is no other way to explain the origins of volume.
How about the whole concept of counting? Does anyone remember the first time they learnt to count. I partially remember. I was three and I counted up to 3 and then I also realized that I was that age as well. But why do we call things "one" and "two" and "fifty million"? Where did the unit for 1 come from? And how is it that the world has accepted the figure "1" to represent "one"? What is "one"? Again it is impossible to express because it is a basic concept in life, we cannot explain its origin but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. The whole concept of "mathematics" originates from God. He has laid down the basic fundamentals of it all. God is the origin for these concepts. He created them. That is why we cannot pinpoint how they came into existence because they came in a "divine" way. And even if we can try to trace back to the origins of such units, we find that we have to stop because at the point of creation we can’t go back any further since it wasn’t there. There is no gradual development of these things, they just came into existence. And besides, there is a lot of doubt in whether history can tell us information close to the origin, we’d still probably be several thousand years off at least.
Ok, now I’ll just end on another small concept. But it happens to be the most complex one of all.
Language. No doubt in our world there are many many languages. Some we know sort of came from others if we linked all those together we’d still be left with a vast number of "tongues". And again, where did languages come from? The first account for language occurrs again in Genesis, when God "spoke" to create the world and then He "spoke" to Adam and Eve. But in what language? What was the initial language that existed at creation? But no we’re stepping too fast already. The real question here is: "How did Adam know how to speak?" When we’re young our parents teach us how to speak in our native lanuage, or English since it’s so global now. But the point is that you needed someone who knew how to speak it in order to teach you. And likewise your parents’ parents taught them how to speak and it just keeps going back…all the way to Adam and Eve. So clearly the first langauge that came to be came from God. God taught Adam and Eve how to speak. God acted the role of the parent and gave man langugae.
If there is an origin to language then who "created" it? Did caveman grunting somehow evolve to specific words? That fact isn’t even true, since when did early man "grunt"? It can’t be proven, but only suggested. No-one can "invent" a language and if they did, it would be based off other languages so in truth you’d have to create an entirely different language. And even if it was created there are probably flaws top it as well since the ability for words to exist is very vast; there are many words and expressions in existence. But we cannot deny the fact that the origins of any language are impossible without a creator.
The same applies for writing. Since when did the letter "a" became known as the letter "a"? Why couldn’t "b" be "a" and then we shift the alphabet one letter up? That was not how God made it obviously. Again how did these languages get put into certain "symbols" that become understandable by us? How is it that you can read these weird lines on the page? How did it come to be that these lines have meaning to you, that you can understand the message in it? There has to be a source for language; a starting point. But that’s impossible because you can’t develop a language unles you already have one to analyse it in. You can say: "Oh alright so we’ll let a "square" mean "mouth" in Chinese. How did you get that point across? Didn’t I just use English? You can’t design anything unless you already have something similar. And that isthe point I was trying to say earlier but didn’t know how to. It is imposible to invent anything new unless you have something similar to begin with. So how can anyone create something totally unrelated to anything when they have nothing to base it off.
It’s like asking you to draw a picture of something without any stimulus. Of course you’d think a blank page. But then you can still draw something since you get pictures from memory. But ok suppose we got rid of memory altogether and you have absolutely nothing. Suppose then someone plays a sound of some sort and asks you to draw. What would you draw. What does a "line" look like? What does a "circle" look like. These are basic facts that came from a creator, no man can create them.
Ok now back to languages. How is it possible to have so many distinct languages and then also be able to translate from one to the other? How is it possible for man to break the language barrier? That is impossible. It’s like in algebra: you cannot add unlike terms together because tey are totally different. So how are you going to convert from one language to another? It is impossible. The language barrier has been broken by God right? There is no other explanation. Remember the coming of the Holy Spirit, and the tongues of fire etc. Everyone was speaking in tongues they themselves didn’t understand, let alone other people understanding. So how did it come to be that all the languages could relate to each other? There is no logical explanation that tells why one language can be translated to another. Like if you met a man who spoke a language you knew nothing about and vice versa, how would you communicate with him, provided it was only through words and words only? No hand gestures so facial expression, no tone of voice even. Just words of the language. It’s impossible to break that language barrier isn’t it. There must be a way therefore that is not "man-ly" that has allowed our world to translate from language to language.
All of these things point to something much greater that has laid down the rules for living, someone who has also predefined everything that we’ve come to know, after all, we couldn’t do it ourselves. There has to be something greater that has brought forth the existence of abstract things that we cannot see, and this greater being we call God, because clearly if He can easily bring forth one system for counting, for measuring, for speaking, He can most certainly bring forth another, and yet another. There are infinite ways for Him to create things that we cannot and these things that are around us in everday life are evidence that point to God. Sometimes you need to take step back from the world and consider it. There are so many aspects of it that you cannot understand. There are so many that everytime you take a step back, you see a different concept that points to God because you cannot explain how it came to be.
Please post up anything that you find wrong in here. I was slightly tired when I wrote this so my points jumped here and there.

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