Passion Burst

Has anyone ever heard of something called "Passion Burst"? No, I don’t think so ut that’s okay. It is a term I made up and it simply describes the things that we do when we express our gratitude for our Lord, whether it be a loud shout or just a soft hum. In a way, I feel that it is our hearts and souls calling out to God and praising Him for just everything in our lives.
I see Passion Burst everywhere, mostly church of course. Recently I went to a camp called iLight, run by Wesley Mission. And it was there that I learnt heaps about what this Passion Burst is. The one instance where I saw it before camp was at church when we were praying and during prayer people randomly called out "Yes God" or just simply hummed in agrement. This is an example of Passion Burst. Sometimes we are so happy and joyful in life because of God that we just shout for joy randomly, and just somehow it appears weird in front of everyone else. But deep inside you don’t care because you have that wonderful feeling of praising God.
In the same way, when we get really stressed out and tired and when we’re really angry and fustrated, when we fully break down and crying won’t help, we scream and let all that emotion out of us. We scream because we are filled with so much emotion that we cannot contain it. The same applies for crying. We are filled with so much hurtful feelings inside us that we have to let them out in tears. But in this case, we are filled with so much emotion for God that we release it in joyful bursts: Passion Bursts. When we’re happy we do this anyway, it’s just that these are specifically for God.
At camp (read about it at this Passion Burst came in more than just humming or saying "Yes God" or something like that. It just came in the form of partying hard while singing praises to God. On that Wednesday night after Ministry at camp, we all sang praises with even more enthusiasm. It came in the form of jumping around and really shouting out the words like it was a rock concert or something. But it wasn’t because of the beat of the music at all. It was because of the words we were singing and how much God really meant to us through those words. That was Passion Burst. A way for people to express their love for God with simple human actions.
Personally I am not a fan of Passion Burst but being around so many people who did it really influenced me to shout out to God as well. And I did just that during the singing. It was more than just having the words touch our hearts but also us expressing how we feel towards the lyrics so we all shouted, shook our fists in the air in support of our Saviour. However just personally I do not approve of the humming and the "Yes God" during prayers. ALthough we may feel moved during other people’s prayers by what they say and by what we also want to say, it’s just not right. It really does put me off because I am listening to two voices at once so I am not focusing well on the prayer (as in the one who is praying). However, having a Passion Burst is right and we should all be supportive of being able to randomly burst out for our love for God. I do not encourage it personally but if anyone has a lot of emotion for GOd then do not be afraid to show it, it is the right thing to do. So remember: PASSION BURST!

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